Why Is My Skateboard So Wobbly?

Why is my skateboard so wobbly

Skateboarding is a sport that all the coolest kids do in your street. Though it is not an easy skill, it is still one of the most popular sports among the next generation, or what they call themselves generation Z.

Nothing can be more heartbreaking for a young boy than damage to your skateboard. It is one of the coolest gadgets that anybody owns in their childhood. Most youngsters get it with their own savings, making it all more meaningful.

It doesn’t matter how costly your skateboard is. It can be damaged or start wobbling. But there is nothing to worry about as the wobbling of the skateboard can be fixed. Sometimes people continue to use their skateboard despite its wobbling. But is it okay?

Reasons Why Skateboard Wobbles and How to Fix It?

It is completely okay for your skateboard to wobble as long as you plan to go on a slow skating through the streets. But if you are planning to speed through the whole block. Then a wobbling skateboard is not a great choice as speed wobbles can give you a nasty injury. Following are a few reasons why your skateboard may wobble.

Loose Trucks

In most cases, wobbling is caused by loose trucks or nuts of a skateboard. The truck skateboard is extremely sensitive to weight distribution resulting in the skateboard wobbling when going at a faster speed.

The easiest solution to this wobbling is to tighten the nuts or truck of the skateboard by turning the bolts and nuts of the skateboard in the clockwise direction through a wrench.


The wobbling of the skateboard may occur due to fractured brushing of your skateboard. This can be fixed by replacing worn-out brushing with brand-new ones. By doing it, your skateboard will run smoother than it did before.

Weight Distribution

Weight distribution plays a key role when skating at high speed. You need to lean your weight toward the front truck at high speed. Failure to do so may result in wobbling too. Lowering your center of gravity may also help in reducing the wobbling.

Wheelbase Length

Wheelbase length can be increased or decreased by changing the position of trucks. By increasing the wheelbase length, you can avoid wobbling, but it may become harder to spin. Making it difficult to do skateboarding tricks. 

Skateboard Dimension

A skateboard is just like shoes. If your shoe is not a correct fit, it might affect your gait. Similarly, your height, shoe size, and riding style greatly affect the skateboard size that may be appropriate for you.

An incorrect board size may also cause speed wobbles. If the board length is too long, it may cause speed-wobbles, and if it is too short, it will also cause issues while riding.

Take Care of Your Skateboard

It doesn’t matter if your skateboard is new or old. You should always take care of your skateboard for it last. Anything cared for can live a long life. So make sure to clean the skateboard bearings every three months and replace th parts that need to be replaced.

Avoid skateboarding during the extreme seasons as it can be damaging to it. Wet weather can cause your skateboard to catch rust, and hot weather may melt graphic design on your board. Never just throw your skateboard around as it can easily break if put pressure in the wrong direction. 


It is quite common for the skateboard to wobble. There is no need to worry as it can be easily fixed without needing an expert. The most important thing is to choose the right skateboard as it may hone your skills or destroy them.

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