What Is the Best Way To Get Bearings Out Of Skateboard Wheels?

Best Way To Get Bearings Out Of Skateboard Wheels

Skateboarding is a great activity. In today’s world, people always try to be quick in their work and activities. But for faster maneuverability around the places, skateboarding came in early 2000. Many people use skateboarding as a recreational activity.

Skateboarding allows people to maneuver around the places they want to go. These types of mechanical machines need to be repaired with time. The skateboard’s primary component that needs repair with time is the wheel bearings. There are several reasons why there is a need to remove your bearings. Sometimes the wheel bearings get dirty while used.

Some kind of mud gets in the wheel bearings. Because of this, wheel bearings do not rotate as they are supposed to move. When setting up a skateboard, wheel bearings are the most challenging part. If you are not a pro in this process, you can not be able to change the wheel bearings.

Some electric skateboards for commuting shops have special tools that help in that case. Some people can not afford to go to the shop. New bearings with new wheels are also out of their reach. For such people, there are some fantastic tips available from which they will be able to get the ruined bearings out of the skateboard wheels.

Removing Wheels

First of all, there is a need to remove the wheels. The process of removing the wheel is quite simple. You need a skate tool, or you can also ½’’ socket wrench. If your skateboard contains special bearing shields, then it is necessary to remove them first.

Some kinds of skateboard makers in the market use spacers on the wheels of skateboards. So, if you guys have that kind of a skateboard, take care of the spacers in the wheel. You need to replace these spacers when the whole process is complete.

Replacing Wheels

The next thing that comes in the process is a little bit tricky. Some risk is involved in this process as the axle can get damaged if anything goes wrong. So, in this process, you only need to replace the wheel on the back of the skateboard truck’s axle.

This thing should be done very carefully. Then, you need to hook the axle’s tip inside the bearing. This should only touch the bearing, not the wheel. 

Wheel Prying Angle

The next step needs some attention. The first thing you will do in this process is you will pry the wheel at a downward angle. Pay attention while doing this. What will be the consequence if you will not pay attention if the wheel can get damaged during the process?

The other thing that can go in this process is that you can also break the bearings in the process. If someone can afford new pair of bearings and wheels, they can go as hard as possible to pry the wheel.

But if you can not afford a new set of bearings and wheels, stay calm and gentle during the process.

Cleaning or Removal of Bearings

This is the time in the process when the wait gets over and the bearings of the skateboard come out. Now people need to replace the bearings if they can afford it. Otherwise, what can be done is that they can only clean the bearings.

Cleaning of the bearing can be done with the help of a brush. You can also do oiling in this regard. Oiling can help the bearings to rotate. One thing that can also be done in this process is cleaning the wheels where the bearings rotate.

These can help the skateboard wheels to rotate. By this, you can again enjoy your skateboard’s sweet and smooth ride.


Skateboarding is a recreational activity. But these things can only amaze people until they work. These mechanical machines need to get repaired from time to time. The primary issue in skateboarding is with the wheel bearings, or the skateboard sometimes does not turn.

The process of changing the wheel bearings is complicated. You need to be pro in this process. Some people can afford new wheels. But some people can not afford new wheels. So, there are some tips for those people to change the bearings in the wheels. 

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