10 Best Budget Electric Skateboard 2021’s Options Reviewed

best budget electric skateboard

A wheeled sports enthusiast, beginner, or just an adrenaline junkie? Trying to find the best skateboard to shred the streets but running a tight budget? No problem. We’ve got you covered!

Back in simpler times, a good skateboard consisted of a sturdy, solid plank and thick wheels. However, due to the dramatic change in technology, we now have a diverse range of electric skateboards. Each one is different from the other. With new models coming out almost every other month, it can be difficult to find a skateboard that enhances your riding experience while still leaving change in your wallet.

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best budget skateboards available in the market and a comprehensive buying guide so that you can make an informed decision.

1. RazorX Cruiser

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

If you’re looking for a versatile, economical, and durable companion to take on your riding adventures, then this electric board may be ideal for you.

This 29.7-inch electric board packs a robust, kick-start 125W motor that allows you to cruise at a maximum of 10mph. This motor is built by pro engineers without any chains and belts that usually wear out too quickly. Because it was built with gears, you won’t have to worry about alignment issues with this board.

It offers a resilient build with a deck construction consisting of five layers of maple. This can withstand wear and abuse and provide a lightweight, responsive ride. It also allows the board to accommodate a weight capacity of up to 220 lbs. Additionally, The perforated grip tape ensures a more secure foothold on the deck.

The board is also equipped with 83mm PU wheels that provide you a good grip, stability, and agility on the go. Furthermore, custom reverse kingpin trucks allow for better turning and stability. 

This cruiser allows you to haul a decent mileage. The Li-ion battery pack powers up the skateboard for up to 40 minutes of continuous use. A notable feature here is the ability to become manual when the board runs out of juice. This will ensure you’re not left stranded.

It includes a wireless 2.4GHz remote with a replaceable wrist strap that allows for variable-speed control. The included wrist strap prevents you from accidentally dropping it while riding the electric skateboard. The remote does not have an LCD that displays diagnostics, but it does have an LED indicator for remaining battery life.


  • Easy to handle and maneuver
  • Lightweight 
  • Ideal for beginners 
  • Replaceable parts


  • Difficult to use in hilly areas 
  • Battery drains a bit quick

2. Hiboy S11

Hiboy Electric Skateboard

The Hiboy Electric Skateboard is a terrific option for both beginners and pros that are looking for a high-quality board to accompany them in their riding pursuits. Suitable for both adults and kids, it is available in two models, the S11 which is targeted at kids and youth while the S22 designed to please adults.

Providing a solid build, the deck of this electric skateboard is constructed of 7 layers of high-quality Canadian maple. This allows it to be sturdy and flexible enough to absorb the small bumps on the road. It sits on ground-gripping 55mm thick PU wheels, that provide you just the right amount of bounce so it can cushion you from the rough roads.

The unit is powered by a 250-watt hub motor. This can effectively propel the board and its rider to speeds up to 12.4mph. The motor is also capable of providing sufficient torque to allow the rider up an 8-degree incline from a complete standstill.

This electric board weighs only 8.5lbs which makes it extremely lightweight and easy to carry when you run out of battery juice. Speaking of battery power, you are offered a decent battery life that can allow you to travel a total of 6.2 miles on a single charge.

Additionally, the feature that sets this unit apart from the ones in a similar price bracket is its regenerative braking system. Offering four riding modes, it comes with a remote with an ergonomic and rechargeable wireless design. This allows you to control your speed easily. 

Furthermore, the board also comes with a 30-day warranty. With such a lucrative price tag, the Hiboy electric skateboard is a steal if you’re looking for a great beginner’s option.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Offers regenerative braking system
  • UL 2271 certification


  • No progress indicator while charging

3. AZBO C4

AZBO Electric Skateboard

With high quality, fresh design, and a sturdy build, the AZBO C4 Electric Skateboard is a terrific skateboard option for your skating endeavors.

Packing in an optimal 400W motor, this electric board allows you to ride at a maximum speed of 11 mph. The motor also provides enough torque to push the board and the rider up a 15-degree incline. Moreover, the extremely smooth acceleration and deceleration make your riding experience purely transcendent.

It is constructed with 7 layers of quality Northeast maple deck that allows it to withstand rigorous usage. It also makes it possible for the board to support up to 243lbs. This electric board is also accompanied by 70mm shock-absorbing PU wheels that will ensure high-speed, stable ride no matter the terrain.

Its unique carrying handle design is what sets it apart from most boards in the market providing additional convenience in carrying your 9lbs board. This will allow it to be easily carried on the bus, subway, or train. It also comes with a compact but capacious 2.2 Ah battery. With the help of this battery, the skateboard is fully charged and ready to go in just 1.5 hours.

The unit is also accompanied by a rechargeable wireless remote controller that ensures easy forward motion, brake, and speed switching. The battery indicator offers added convenience and makes sure that you are never caught off-guard. The board also comes with a one year warranty making it a safer, more reliable purchase.


  • Durable, sturdy build
  • Easy to carry
  • 1-year Warranty 
  • UL2272 Certified


  • Battery is not replaceable

4. Voyager Neutrino

Voyager Neutrino Electric Skateboard

This sleek carbon build skateboard may be the most visually appealing board featured in this list. It is also one of the most lightweight and compact boards available in the market. The design offers a tail flange, making 90-degree turns and manual breaking a lot easier. With the Voyager Neutrino Electric Skateboard, however, it’s not just all good looks.

The Voyager Electric Skateboard comes packed with a 350W brushless motor that provides sufficient power to propel you to a max speed of 12.5 mph. The motor is also responsible for providing enough torque to allow the rider to tackle 15-degree inclines.

This electric skateboard provides a sturdy construction along with shock-absorbing wheels that allow for stable rides even on rough terrains. This also allows the board to carry a max load of 176lbs. 

The all-black carbon body may leave some purists craving hardwood. Still, it manages to strike a delicate balance between lightweight and durability with the board weighing only 9.5 lbs resulting in improved portability and manual riding experience. It also allows you to easily carry the board when you’re not using it.

The board comes along with a wireless Bluetooth compatible remote. This monitors the battery life and allows you to toggle between the two riding modes available: beginner and expert. These prove to be highly beneficial for novice riders who can start off slow.

Moreover, another benefit of this unit is the IP55 certification that ensures the skateboard will be able to handle light downpour and occasional splashes. Unfortunately, the one letdown of this board is its limited range that allows you to traverse only 7 miles with full charging. This range is considered below average even for its own price bracket.


  • Attractive design
  • Water-resistant 
  • Lightweight
  • Above average speed


  • Offers a limited range

5. Aceshin Electric Skateboard

Aceshin Electric Skateboard

Looking for a wallet-friendly option for your kids that also happens to offer great value for money? Well then, The Aceshin Electric Skateboard may be the perfect fit for you.

This e-skateboard is powered by a 350W hub motor that easily lets you get to a maximum of 12mph. The board itself weighs only 12lbs which makes it lightweight and easy to transport.

Having a deck length that spans two and a half feet, this board is constructed with 6 layers of Northeast maple and 1 layer of bamboo. Through this, the Aceshin skateboard ensures flexibility and sturdiness for its users. This also allows the board to handle riders up to 220 pounds. It is also accompanied by durable PU wheels to allow for better shock absorption resulting in smoother riding experience. 

The unit comes equipped with a wireless remote that allows you to freely accelerate, brake, forward, and reverse. It also allows you to switch between 3-speed modes that prove to be convenient especially for beginners. Furthermore, the board also provides protection against light rain and occasional splashes ensuring the fun doesn’t stop.

The Aceshin Electric Skateboard offers a range of just over 7 miles to get you to your destination without recharging. If you do need to charge, it will take you around 2 hours to go from empty to full.


  • Sturdy, solid build
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to carry 
  • Water-resistant
  • Ergonomic wireless remote


  • May cause trouble during off-road rides 
  • Not suitable for heavier riders

Factors To Consider For Buying The Best Budget Electric Skateboard in 2021

Having trouble finding the best budget-friendly electrical skateboard for you which can give you the best bang for your buck? Well, look no further because, in this guide, we’ll help you break down the features to look for when buying the best budget electric skateboard that still offers solid performance. 

Build quality

Inexpensive electric skateboards may not be the best-built products in the market and so one unintentional crash could cause irreversible damage. However, there are exceptions to these.

Taking your time and researching may lead you to some rock-solid units with high-quality maple decks and high-density rubber wheels that can carry the loads that go all the way up to 100 kilograms at some shocking budget-friendly prices. Therefore, make sure the construction of your electric board is solid for the price.


The capacity of the battery will determine the range you can cover. Most affordable electric boards come packed with a lithium-Ion battery, which will easily give you a range of up to 8 miles or more when fully charged.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly skateboard to aid you in your casual commuting or just for your thrill-seeking ride, there are options available that may be perfect for you.

Deck size

Deck size is a vital feature to consider as it determines the surface area you’ll be standing on. 

For people who want something that’s easy to move around with, a mini deck will do which could have deck size as little as 17 inches. However, if you need more space, there are options with wider and longer decks ranging between 21-36 inches.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference as there are a variety of deck sizes available at affordable prices.

Remote control 

A remote control is used by electric skateboards to control speed and braking while riding. There are a variety of inexpensive electric skateboards that are Bluetooth enabled and allow you to use the remote control on them ensuring easier control.

Even though, electric skateboards on a budget won’t have additional features the high-end ones have but they can still offer the basic functions and get the job done.

Motor Capacity 

If you want an affordable electric skateboard that can offer you high speeds, you will need a high-performance motor to support it. Electric motors will determine the speed at which your board moves. 

A limited budget may limit the motor capacity that comes along with your board, however, there are exceptions available despite this.