10 Best Electric Skateboards For Commuting | Buying Guide 2023

best electric skateboard for commuting

Cruising on a skateboard can best be described as a beautiful medley of thrill, exhilaration, and euphoria. It is an unparalleled feeling of ecstasy that, once felt by a person, becomes so addictive that one yearns to come back to it again and again. 

A skateboard’s riding experience is incomparable to any other form of transportation. This is because it puts you in touch with the raw sensation of riding. You can hear the city bustling with life and smell what the restaurants are serving as you ride by. It also allows you to test your limits by learning new tricks.

As a consequence of intense advancements in technology, the skateboard industry has evolved tremendously. The coalescing of powerful motors with long-lasting batteries has allowed skateboarding aficionados a superior riding experience. It provides an easier commute as it takes up less space, is extremely portable, and is more fun overall!

However, with numerous options of motorcycle helmets available in the market, it can be challenging to pick out one that satisfies your requirements. Hence, to aid you in your hunt, we’ve prepared a list of the 10 Best Electric Skateboards for Commuting that provide the ultimate riding experience.

This is accompanied by a comprehensive buying guide for further assistance, so you’re fully aware of the features to look out for.

Best Electric Skateboards For Commuting Comparison Table

1Teamgee-H8-31-Electric-Skateboard-1 Teamgee H8 31
3RazorX DLX
4 WeSkate-35-WeSkate 35
6Surfwheel SU/HX Surfwheel
7Alouette Phoenix RydersAlouette Phoenix Ryders
9Blitzart 38Blitzart 38″ Hurricane
10 ShaofuShaofu Youth

1. Teamgee H8 31″ – Best Controls Electric Skateboard for Commuting


When it comes to electric skateboards, Teamgee is one of the top brands leading the market with their exceptionally thin skateboards while maintaining quality.

The Teamgee H8 Electric Skateboard carries on this legacy ensuring convenience and a superior riding experience, making this an ideal option for commuting.


The Teamgee H8 skateboard comprises 10 layers of high-quality Canadian maple and 1 layer of fiberglass. In spite of its medium flex, it still manages to offer a very smooth ride to the person using it. Its dimensions of 31 inches long and 8.2 inches wide, making it one of the thinnest electric skateboards on the market. 

Also, the design includes a reverse-mounted bridge, which makes Teamgee H8 closer to the ground. The lower center of gravity ensures a more stable and comfortable ride, even at high speed. 

With the Teamgee H8, you get an electric skateboard that weighs a mere 11.6 lbs making it lightweight. This makes it very easy to carry the board with you on trains or buses on your way to work. It is also able to support up to a maximum load of 165 lbs, making it a great option for young adults.

Motor Power

Running with the help of a 480W brushless motor, this electric skateboard allows you to cruise up to a top speed of 15 miles per hour. It is also powerful enough to propel the rider up a 15-degree incline. The operation is almost inaudible when there is ambient noise. And even though the Teamgee thrills you with its speed, it has steady brakes enabling you to slow down easily.

Wheel Support

This electric skateboard comes with large 85mm PU wheels that allow the skateboard to cruise effortlessly on the road; provide a smooth skateboard ride even on rough terrains. It also consists of a 3mm high elastic silica shock gel pad that greatly reduces the impact of bumps and uneven ground. 

The Teamgee Electric Skateboard offers a total of three different speed settings, making it easy for those new to the world of skateboarding. It carries a 3.5AH lithium battery that lets you cover a range of 8 miles before giving out.

IP54 Certified

Furthermore, this model has an IP54 rating which means it can survive occasional splashes and rain. Also, the Teamgee H8 is accompanied by a remote control that features an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold. It comes with a safety strap and neat LED indicators for speed and battery life.


  • Lightweight 
  • Solid build quality 
  • Easy to carry
  • Slim profile design
  • Decent performance on uneven surfaces
  • 1-year warranty


  • It is not suitable for heavier riders
  • Irreplaceable battery

2. SKATEBOLT Tornado II – Best Overall Electric Skateboard for Commuting 

SKATEBOLT Tornado II - Best Overall Electric Skateboard for Commuting

The SKATEBOLT Electric Longboard is a terrific option for all adrenaline junkies and commuters looking for a high-speed, versatile board that also offers good value for money. 

Brushless Motor

From flat skateboarding to hill electric skateboarding, the SkateBolt Electric Skateboard never fails to perform. Boasting dual 500W brushless hub motors, the Tornado II can effectively propel the rider up to a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour.

This speed makes it one of the faster skateboards on this list. The motors also allow the rider to conquer 25-degree steep hills, which is pretty incredible.

External Built

This electric skateboard is not only durable but stable as well. The deck of the board composes 8 layers of sturdy Northeast maple that allow it to be capable of standing the weight up to 280 pounds. The Tornado II also supports wide 90mm PU wheels that can smoothly cruise along with any type of terrain without slowing you down substantially.

Another important feature of this board is its regenerative braking system. The board’s downhill safety brake allows you to stop confidently at any point, even at high speeds.

Riding Modes

This electric skateboard offers 2 ride modes: normal mode and sports mode. This makes it ideal for professionals as well as novice riders, giving them more control over their rides.

The normal mode offers a maximum speed of 13.75 miles per hour, which will get you to your destination on time. On the other hand, the sports mode takes you as fast as 25 miles per hour, making it perfect for all those riders looking for a thrill-seeking adventure.

Wireless Remote

The Skatebolt Tornado II comes with a handheld wireless remote that has an ergonomic design and controls operations. The remote has a ring attached to it, so you can securely use it to set the speed modes and other functions.

It also comes with two red taillights, so you feel safer taking it for a ride on the road, especially in dimmed light conditions.


  • Sturdy construction 
  • Dual motors power through inclines and rough surfaces
  • The in-built regenerative braking system
  • It comes with two red warning tail lights
  • 6-month warranty


  • A bit low-performing remote device

3. RazorX DLX – Best Cheap Electric Skateboard for Commuting

RazorX DLX - Best Cheap Electric Skateboard for Commuting

New to the world of electric skateboarding and looking for an entry-level electric skateboard on a budget? Well, then, the RazorX DLX is an ideal option for you. Rocking a 150W hub motor, this board allows you to speed up to a max of 12 mph while cruising, which is pretty standard.


Providing a durable, sturdy build, the deck of this electric board comes with high-quality 7-layer maple. This ensures its users’ required flexibility and allows it to manage a weight capacity of 220lbs.

The board also supports ground-gripping PU wheels which allow sufficient grip against the road resulting in a smooth, responsive ride.

Lithium-Ion Battery

The Li-ion rechargeable battery that comes with the board allows you about 40 mins of cruise action. Also, when you run out of battery juice, this board shifts into a manual and performs like a normal skateboard without interrupting your flow.

Wireless Remote

Furthermore, the wireless hand-held remote brings the electric motor’s power to your hand. This allows you to easily increase and decrease your ride speed by pushing forward or pulling back on the control stick.

This board also comes with soft-start kick-activated technology that allows the motor to ramp up slowly with just a kick and slows to a stop with the pull of your thumb.


  • Robust and sturdy build
  • Wallet-friendly
  • Lightweight 
  • 90-day warranty 


  • Not suitable for uphill rides
  • Not water resistant 

4. WeSkate 35″ – Best Durable Commuting Electric Skateboard 

WeSkate 35

The WeSkate Electric Skateboard is a terrific option for both beginners and pros that are looking for a rock-solid board to accompany them in their riding pursuits. 


It is equipped with a powerful 350W brushless hub motor that can propel the board and its rider up to a decent max speed of 12 mph.

External Built

It is constructed with 8 layers of high-quality northeast maple, which gives it enough flexibility to absorb small bumps on the road and yet still be quite rigid and maneuverable. This also allows the board to support a max load of 220 lbs.

Furthermore, this unit sits on 90*52mm PU wheels that offer enough grip for a smooth riding experience.

Speed Settings

The WeSkate board offers a total of 3 different speed settings for different skill levels, making it an ideal board for beginners.

The 4000mAh removable lithium battery allows you to cover a total of 10 miles with a full charge. This is considered pretty average; the battery also takes around 3 hours to recharge fully.

Wireless Remote

The unit is also accompanied by a wireless remote that allows you a variety of functions such as acceleration, brake, and reverse. It also has 3 LED battery indicators, so you’re not left stranded.

The remote has a wrist strap so that you can focus on your ride without worrying about dropping it and also lets you switch between the 3 different riding modes offered. It would be an ideal electric skateboard option under a $500 budget.

Its unique carrying handle design is what sets it apart from most boards in the market, providing additional convenience in carrying your 4.8kg board. This also makes it easy to carry it on the subway, train, or bus.

Another beneficial feature is IP44 certification which allows it to function smoothly during light rain or puddles.


  • Robust construction 
  • Easy to carry
  • Ergonomic wireless remote control
  • IP44 certification 


  • It is not suitable for tackling hills

5. SWAGSKATE NG2 38” – Best Automated Balancing Skateboard for Commuting

SWAGSKATE NG2 38” - Best Automated Balancing Skateboard for Commuting

While there is an array of electric skateboard brands in the market today, there are only a numbered few that rule the game. Swagtron is one of those leading brands focusing on quality and delivering innovative models that leave its competitors in the dust.

The Swagstake NG2 is just one example of their brilliant products that also manage to set the bar high for its fellow riding substitutes.

Motor Power

With a deck length of 38-inches, this longboard packs in robust dual rear 450-watt motors that manage to deliver a massive amount of horsepower. These allow you to cruise at a maximum of 18 mph and successfully provide enough torque for tackling any 15-degree inclines.

In addition to that, this board features extra-large, extra-wide 90x52mm wheels that offer superior stability and maximize the rider’s agility.

Swagtron has quite a reputation for its innovative designs. The Swagskate electric skateboard is no different, incorporating a hands-free mode. The board includes intelligently designed balance and weight sensors that deliver a true skateboard riding experience.

A.I.-Powered Navigation System

The NG-2, in particular, features an intuitive A.I.-powered somatosensory navigation system. This advanced technology harkens back to traditional skateboarding, allowing you to ride completely hands-free without needing a remote.

The execution is quite easy as well. You simply need to lean forward on the front sensors to move forward and accelerate. Are you ready to slow down, stop or reverse? Just lean back. Yes, it’s that simple.

The high-performance smart sensors are optimized and calibrated to register and respond to shifts in weight with pin-point accuracy and near-zero lag.

Wireless Remote Control

However, if you’re not comfortable going hands-free, the Swagskate skateboard does come with wireless remote control. The NG-2’s remote is designed to fit so naturally that you might just forget that you’re holding it. That is until you use it.

Since every aspect of the ride is controllable from the remote, from accelerating to switching riding modes, you might find yourself using the remote a lot.

Speaking of riding modes, you can tailor the Swagskate NG2 to fit your required comfort level. The remote can be used to switch between different riding speed modes and cap the top speeds until you’re ready for a boost adventure.


As for the range, the NG2 somewhat falls behind in this department, considering many substitutes offer better ranges while still being in a similar price bracket. You’re only offered 11 miles which may not be great for anyone that has to travel a significant distance for work.

Nonetheless, the Swagskate skateboard does redeem itself by including a fast-charging, high-efficient Li-ion battery that fully recharges in just 2 hours.


  • Sturdy build 
  • Intelligent and intuitive design
  • 90-day warranty
  • Hands-free control option


  • A bit heavy object to carry

6. Surfwheel SU – Best Electric Skateboard for Surfing

Surfwheel SU - Best Electric Skateboard for Surfing

Resembling a gadget straight out of the Star Wars Franchise, the Surfwheel Electric Skateboard is sure to turn heads as you cruise by! This is definitely nothing like your traditional skateboard, making use of the best of what technology has to offer to provide a unique and superior riding experience.


With the Surfwheel electric skateboard, every rider’s move, twist, and turn is calculated and simulated to give the illusion of surfing but on land. Perhaps the standout feature of this board is its large patented rubber safety wheel in the middle that keeps you safe at all times. But what happens if this tire goes flat? Well, rest easy it is an airless tire that never goes flat and is even built to ride on different types of terrains.

You can ride smoothly either on gravel or tarmac, sand, snow, mud, or all rough terrains without the wheels sticking. This is why Surfwheel is a great bargain for its price.

Load Capacity

This electric skateboard had the ability to withstand a load capacity of about 220 pounds, making it an ideal choice for adults. It also has enough juice to provide the rider with a top speed of 12 miles per hour, which may be considered low.

Considering that the Surfwheel can be tricky to get a grip on initially, a moderate speed such as the one provided by it will be acceptable. Another benefit of this board is that it can even hold safety or learner wheels for beginners who just can’t get the hang of it.

Another prominent feature of this Surfwheel is its 360 degrees illuminated LED lights. These instantly grab attention and allow for a safer and more enjoyable riding experience, especially when you’re out riding at night.


The board also supports a replaceable battery and can be safely used in the rain. Also, the components are all UL-certified, which will provide additional peace of mind to anyone concerned about safety with this board.

That’s not all. The Surfwheel can be conveniently controlled using its respective app that is available for both Android as well as IOS. The app provides control over a number of operations of the board itself. You can easily switch between two different learning modes: learner and speed. 

You can also use the app to update the firmware, check your battery status, and track your speed with the speedometer provided. Also, the LED lights surrounding the Surfwheel can be adjusted as per your liking.


  • Unique design
  • It has a variety of different LED colors to choose from
  • Surfwheel app allows for easier control and monitoring 
  • UL-certified components


  • It runs a bit slower than normal

7. Alouette Phoenix Ryders – Best Cruising Electric Skateboard

Alouette Phoenix Ryders - Best Cruising Electric Skateboard

Next in line is The Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard. This great commuting option offers durability and great value for money.

Durable Built

Having a net weight of 14.5 lbs, this board ensures durability and sturdiness for its users. It is constructed with 6 layers of high-quality Canadian maple and 1 layer of bamboo.

Its anti-slip brushed black surface ensures your feet don’t leave the board. Durable PU wheels also accompany it to allow for better shock absorption resulting in a smoother riding experience. 

Dual Hub Motor

This electric skateboard is powered by 250W dual hub motors resulting in a total of 500W, allowing you to ride up a 15-degree incline. It also lets you get to a maximum speed of 16mph.

Unfortunately, it has a weight capacity limit of up to 132lbs, which is below average when compared to similar products in the price range.

Lithium-Ion Battery

The unit comes with Li-ion batteries that allow you a sufficient range of 12.4 miles with a single charge. And to get that battery from empty to full is estimated to take you about 3 hours. With the curvy design, you can hold the remote naturally and securely.

Furthermore, the board uses a LED-powered remote that allows you to check the speed, power consumption, and mileage. The board also comes with a 6-month warranty to allow you additional peace of mind.


  • Minimalistic, sturdy design
  • Cruise control function
  • Ergonomic remote design


  • Can cause problems on steep hills

8. FGKING Caster Board – Best Commuting Skateboard for Smooth Ride

FGKING Caster Board - Best Commuting Skateboard for Smooth Ride

The FGKING Electric Caster Board is a terrific option for both beginners and pros that are looking for a high-quality board to accompany them in their riding pursuits.


Boasting a solid build, the deck of this electric skateboard is constructed of 7 layers of high-quality Canadian maple. This allows it not to be wobbly. It is sturdy and flexible enough to absorb the small bumps on the road.

It sits on ground-gripping thick PU wheels that provide you with just the right amount of bounce so that it can cushion you from the rough roads.

Brushless Motor

A 350-watt brushless hub motor powers the unit. This can effectively propel the board and its rider to speeds up to 20km/h The motor is also capable of providing sufficient torque to allow the rider up a 25 percent incline from a complete standstill.

Battery Power

Additionally, this electric board is pretty lightweight and easy to carry when you run out of battery juice. Speaking of battery power, you are offered a superior battery life that can allow you to travel a total of 7km, making this an ideal option for exploring, sculpting, commuting, cycling, exploring the city, etc.

Riding Modes

Moreover, the feature that sets this unit apart from the ones in a similar price bracket is its regenerative braking system. Offering three riding modes, it comes with a remote with an ergonomic and rechargeable wireless design. This allows you to control your speed easily.

The remote also allows you to toggle between the riding modes. These prove to be highly beneficial for novice riders who can start off slow.

Not only that, but the FGKING Electric Caster Board has an IP65 level dustproof and waterproof design that ensures the skateboard will be able to handle downpours and splashes. With this e-board, there will be nothing holding you back.


  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Features regenerative braking system
  • Three riding modes are offered
  • Provides a sufficient range of 7km
  • Has IP65 certification 


  • A bit small-sized skateboard

9. Blitzart 38″ Hurricane – Best Overall Electric Skateboard for Commuting

Blitzart 38

If you’re someone who prefers riding on longer boards, then this electric board will hit the jackpot for you. This provides enough deck space for you to stand easily and offers great value for money, making this an ideal choice for your everyday work travels.

External Built

The BLITZART board is designed to last, offering a resilient, durable build. It comes with a deck construction consisting of 6 layers of high-quality maple sandwiched between 2 layers of bamboo.

This allows for greater flexibility and sturdiness and can support a maximum of 250lbs. The deck is also outfitted with grip tape that provides traction while riding.


It is also equipped with 3.5-inch replaceable wheels that allow you to absorb the bumps you encounter, providing a smooth ride. The trucks and bearings are made of aluminum, so they do not add much weight.

They are also 9-inches wide, ensuring a stable ride even when riding at maximum speed. It also has a handle built into the deck, making it easy to carry this 13lbs board.

This 38-inches electric longboard is packed with a 700W brushless hub motor that has the ability to propel the board and its rider up to a top speed of 23mph. The great thing about this in-hub motor is that you can still use the board manually when the battery juice runs out.

Speaking of battery, this e-skateboard comes with a 5.4Ah lithium-ion battery pack that can be fully charged within 3 hours. It also offers a range of up to 12 miles on a single charge, sufficient for commuting or even joy rides around the city. The unit also includes an easy-to-hold wireless remote that controls acceleration and deceleration with reverse capability. The remote control is rechargeable and comes with a wrist strap ensuring it does not slip out of your hand. 

Furthermore, you are offered two preset riding modes, one for beginners and one for advanced riders. These modes control the board’s speed and keep you from going too fast if you’re an inexperienced rider


  • Sturdy construction 
  • Lightweight build
  • Replaceable accessories
  • Easy to use remote
  • It has a reverse function


  • Board wobbles on uncertain surfaces

10. Shaofu Youth – Best Commuting Electric Skateboard for Beginners 

Shaofu Youth - Best Commuting Electric Skateboard for Beginners

The Shaofu Electric Skateboard is perfect for you if you’re looking for a versatile, affordable electric board that also offers good value for money for either yourself or your kids. =

Motor Power

Packing a 350W single motor, this board allows you to cruise at a max of 12mph. This may not be off the charts, but it is reasonable, especially since it is also targeted at kids.

External Built

The deck of the board has a robust and solid build, consisting of 7 layers of maple. It can withstand rigorous usage and also comes with a generous max weight capacity of 286lbs.

The board comes with durable, shock-absorbing PU wheels that allow for a smooth riding experience, even at high speeds. However, conquering hills with this one may be a struggle, especially if there’s a heavier rider on top.

Lithium-Ion Battery

The 2200mAh lithium battery is decent, allowing you to traverse 10 miles on a single charge. It also takes it about 3 hours to reach its full potential. 

Wireless Remote Control

Moreover, it offers 2 riding modes for beginners and experts, making it easier for first-timers to control their board. Another feature of the board is its wireless remote control that allows you to control speed, braking, cruise control.

It also has 4 LED indicators to keep you informed about the skateboard battery level.


  • Durable and robust construction 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to carry


  • Low flexibility on offer

Evaluating The Features That Will Lead To The Best Electric Board For Commuting 2023

Picking out the best from a diverse range of electric skateboards can be difficult. We’ve prepared the perfect guide to help you make an informed decision. This will help you buy the best commuting electric skateboard specific to your needs.

The Deck

It is essential to consider the deck of the electric skateboard you want to purchase. Generally, if you’re taller, you may want to look for a board with a longer deck.

There are different shapes available to pick from. This is a matter of preference and what feels comfortable to you. As you’re going to be using the electric skateboard for commuting purposes, you will want one that offers higher durability. 

This can be judged by the materials used. The boards are constructed of multiple layers of material. Maple is a cheap choice and less pliable than its better counterpart, bamboo. Carbon fiber is also another option that is lightweight and more durable; however, it is a lot more expensive.


Budget limitations are important to take into account. Luckily, several options are available with prices that vary substantially.

Since you’re going to be using your electric skateboard a lot, it is recommended to invest in a pricier version that offers more durability and features.


Commuting on an electric board during unpredictable weather can be risky. Hence, having a water-resistant electric skateboard will save you a whole lot of stress.

Try to look for an option that offers a higher IP rating, as the higher the IP, the more resistant the board will be against water. Therefore, pick out an electric board with high water resistance so that rain doesn’t slow you down and you have a smooth, stress-free commuting experience.

Battery Life

The battery life of your electric board will play a vital role in your riding experience. You wouldn’t want your skateboard to run out of charge halfway and leave you stranded.

Therefore, look for a skateboard offering rechargeable lithium-ion batteries as they offer a greater range with shorter charging times.

As you will mostly use your electric skateboard for commuting purposes, opt for a model that offers greater range. Some models offer up to 20 miles on a single charge, so consider this.


Weight considerations of your electric board are important to consider before you set off on your commuting journey with your electric skateboard.

Be sure to make your buying decision based on your weight so as not to push the board’s weight limit. This could result in you hurting yourself.

Also, you might want to look for a board that’s not too heavy to carry. This may be an easy task as most premium manufacturers make lighter boards.

Final Words

Lately, a growing number of commuters have been turning towards e-boards to make their morning commute a bit more bearable, and honestly, it isn’t hard to see why. 

When choosing your ideal commuting e-board, there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration. In particular, a solid range, large wheels, and portability are some concerns to keep in mind while searching for your perfect fit. We’ve mentioned all the necessary information and included the top models that are currently killing it right now. The list has also been tailored to include the needs of every rider. Therefore, you’ll surely find your gem here. 

Good luck, and ride safe!

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