What is the Best Way to Fall Off a Skateboard to Avoid Serious Injuries?

best way to fall off a skateboard

Skateboarding is one of the most famous and fun games around the world. Its popularity has increased enormously in the past few years, and people of every age are using skateboards for daily activities. Some are using it for fun, and some are using it for daily chores. One thing is for sure it is not as easy to ride on a skateboard as many people think it is. Therefore, one should know the best way to fall off a skateboard.

No matter how much experience you have, somewhere, you will face a fall. There would be a moment when you will have no other option just to fall off your skateboard. You may have a tree, a car, a hill, or anything in front of you, and you will have to fall off your skateboard. During the fall, you will likely face injuries.

If you are an experienced rider, you may reduce the chances of a more significant injury, but the chances of severe injuries increase if you are a beginner skateboard rider. But you should not worry because we have suggested some ways through which you can ensure your safety while falling off the skateboard. Following are some of the ways are given.

Run out of skate

This should be your first thing in mind before falling out of the skateboard because if you run out of your skateboard, there are significantly fewer chances of severe injuries. The better you do the running, the less severe the injury would be, or you may not have a scratch. You should have a lot of practice before trying this method because due to inertia, you might fall more badly than you expected.

Additionally, if you are a beginner, the running method should be applied in a situation where the speed of the skateboard is moderate. You should not even think of running out of the skateboard at a higher speed.

Push towards grass

When you feel that you will fall off and have lost control of the skateboard, try to push the skateboard towards the grass. The grass will slow down the skateboard, and you can easily fall off it. The grass has a lot of friction, and it would not let the skateboard move freely on it. So pushing towards grass is the best option.

But when there is no grass, you can use the following methods to fall out of your skateboard.

Do not use your hands.

During a fall, it is humanly instinct that a person would use the hand, but one should not do this because it is hazardous. You might break the bone of your hands. You should not even think about using your hands on a concrete road or throughway. While falling, try to be a master of your instinct, and instead of using your hands, you should use your shoulder or back. For this, the rolling method is the best one.

Rolling method

When falling is inevitable, then all you can do is use the rolling method. In this method, you must lose your limbs and let the fall absorb all the energy. When you are about the leave the skateboard in a fall, lean forward and move to a side where there is little concrete, or you have little chance of severe injuries. Instead of using your hands, use your shoulder or back because they can absorb more energy than your hands.

 The rolling method is very safe, but before applying it, you should practice because it can be more dangerous than a fall if you do not follow it correctly.


Some experts believe that if you are skateboarding, there is a good chance that you will fall off the skateboard once in a lifetime, and then it is up to the luck how much you got the injury. Suppose you are a beginner, then the probability of falling increases. So if you cannot trust your skills, you can use protection against the fall. There are best knee pads and wrist pads that help in protecting your knee and wrists while falling. Helmets are also available for skateboarding.


These protections should not only be used by beginners, the experienced riders can also use these things because precaution is better than cure. If you are a rider, you should learn how to fall from the skateboard easily because sometimes in life, you might face a situation where falling off the skateboard would be your only option. So practice these methods at home before applying them to the actual field. Also, you should keep practicing skateboard riding to improve your overall experience.

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