What is the best way to practice skateboarding?

best way to practice skateboarding

Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports throughout Europe. People of every age are using it either for fun or daily chores. Due to its enormous popularity, many companies started investing in it and using its advanced features as much as possible.

When skateboarding started in Europe, the skateboard was composed of a wooden box; now, there are skateboards with wireless remotes, and you can control everything related to skateboarding. This sport is not that much easy as people intend it is.

It can be hazardous as well. So it would help if you practiced enough before starting skateboarding. This article will show you some fundamentals through which you can learn the best ways of practicing the skateboard.

Where Should You Practice Skateboarding?

Before starting skateboarding practicing, you should first find a suitable where you can learn skateboarding. The place should be a lesser use sidewalk or a road, or it should be a bike path.

These places are suitable for skateboard beginners because they are less crowded places, and it is here that you can easily practice and polish your skateboarding skills using a beginner-friendly skateboard.

Similarly, practice in an area with grass or smooth; that will help you practice falling and running out of the skateboard method. Learn the essential skill in such places and then go to skating parks.

Know the Fundamentals

Before going on a skate track where there are a lot of other experienced skateboarders, you should know the basics of the skateboard. You must learn how to bend on a skateboard and how to stand on a skateboard.

You should know how to fall out of the skateboard, run out of it in a dangerous situation, and how and when to turn and stop. All of these things are the fundamentals of skateboarding.

As a beginner, you should know all these basics before trying to run the skateboard in crowded places. Learn these basics, if nothing else.

Learn to fall

This is one of the essential skills you should know because you will face a situation where you have to fall off of your skateboard, no matter what. And if you do not know the basics of falling out, you will injure yourself.

When you are about to fall, push your shoulders and back and let them lose them and roll. Rolling is the best possible and safe way of falling because you will have a lesser chance of injuries.

Do not even try to use your hands because you may find one of them broken when you stand up.

Run out of skateboard

Before falling, you should learn how to run out of the skateboard. It is a straightforward and basic technique and can guard you against many injuries.

Practice with people in the skate parks

While you can learn the basics of skateboarding by yourself, there are few chances of learning the advanced stages of skateboarding. For that, you have to go to experience and gurus of skateboarding.

You can all find all these people in skate parks where you can learn from them. Practicing with them would yield enormous results compared to practicing alone.

Train yourself

As they say, that practice makes a man perfect. The same goes for skateboarding. The more you practice, the better it will be for you. Go to skating parks and practice there as much as you can.

Practice every technique related to skateboarding, i.e., falling, running out, flipping, turning, stopping, slowing down, etc. All of these are the basic techniques that you should learn and practice daily so you can be a master of skateboarding.

Wear protection

Note that the practicing, you should wear protection. There are kneepads, wrist pads, and helmets available for skateboarding, and you should have them before going to the practice.


Although skateboarding can be fun, sometimes it can be hazardous. So before doing any advanced tricks using your skateboard, you should learn all the fundamentals of skateboarding. Practice all these techniques in a significantly less crowd. Then go to a skate park where you can learn advanced stage techniques.

The fundamentals and the basics are crucial for beginners to learn, and while learning and practicing all these things, the skateboard rider should wear protection, i.e., knee pads, wrist pads, and a helmet.

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