What is the best board to learn to skateboard?

best board to learn to skateboard

Choosing the best skateboard for yourself depends on your experience as a rider and the weight and size of your foot. If you are a beginner, you would need to buy one type of skateboard, and if you are an experienced rider, you will need another type of rider. If you are looking for the best skateboard, you should ensure its standard, durability, cruiser, size, weight, and performance because all these things matter in skateboarding.


A skateboard with have symmetrical pill shape is the most unique and versatile type of skateboard. The skateboard must also have a hard wheel so it can be easily driven on pavements and skate parks. Additionally, the deck width should be similar to your feet because if it does not match your feet, you will have a hard time driving it.

The average deck width is between 7.3 and 7.4 for the foot sizes 6 to 8. And 7.5 to 9 sizes are best for people having foot size 9 and above. It depends on you whether you want a narrow board or a wider board. If you plan to use the board for the technical tricks, then a narrow one will do a better job for you and vice versa.


It should be on your priority list when you want to buy a skateboard. The more a board is durable, the better. There are some boards that last only for a few months, but some there give you years of experience. The durability of a skateboard is mainly due to the materials they are made of. The stainless steel and porcelain materials are best for durability. So when you see such materials in a skateboard, pick them up from the market.


If you always drive on rough sideways roads, then the cruiser and soft wheel are recommended for you. You should buy a skateboard with having cruiser instilled in it. The cruisers’ shape also varies and depends on how you ride. You select the one that better suits you.


There are two types of boards, a longboard and a short board. If you want speed on your skateboard, then the longboard is best for them. They are made of materials that provide stability and safety to the riders. Additionally, with a longboard, you can do training and practice. They are perfect for rough roads, cruising, downhill, and long-distance riding. So a longboard is best for learning.

What is the best board to learn to skateboard?

Applying the things mentioned above on a skateboard, you will hardly find a suitable board. But we have in mind that the best skateboard for learning can be guaranteed, and that is Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard. This skateboard guaranty stability even at a very high speed, so when you are learning skateboarding, you will have no worries about the stability of the board.

Additionally, with wireless remote control, you can control the speed, acceleration, and braking of the skateboard, thus removing the danger of any possible fall. The wireless remote control gives you the authority over the speed, so when you are in the learning process, you can increase and decrease the speed very easily by yourself. Similarly, it is friendly for beginners and allows you to ride confidently regardless of your skill level. So the S11 electric skateboard is ideal for you if you are learning skateboarding.

Moreover, most beginners always slip on the skateboard surface because they are not accustomed to that. But the Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard is unlike any other skateboard. It has a non-slip surface on which you can ride without a slip. So you can be very much sure to learn on this skateboard because it provides you with all the necessary things.


Many different skateboards are available on the market, but very few are suitable for the learning stages. And selecting one in that few can be very hectic sometimes. You have to look at different things when selecting the best one, like its standard, stability, speed, durability, the width of the deck, wheels, etc., because all of these things impact the learning stages.

Additionally, the board’s surface should not be slippery, and the board should be longer. And luckily, such impressive features are available in a single Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard. They are very durable and have a non-slip surface. Due to the wireless remote, you can control the speed and braking. The wheels are best suitable for long-distance and downhill rides. The width of the deck is more than 8 inches which help in stability.

All of these things collectively make the Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard the best skateboard for learning the skateboard.

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