Why Won’t My Skateboard Turn?

Why won't my skateboard turn

Skateboarding is a fun and popular sport among young and older adults. It is one of the most emerging sports in the world and has gained recognition in such a short time. Modern skateboards have made it very easy for people to ride on them.

When skateboards came into the market, they were not that developed, and there was a risk of injury. But modern skateboards have solved these problems, and you are just a click away from a good ride through wireless remote control.

You can accelerate, decelerate and turn to different sides by using this remote. But sometimes, the turn does not work, and your skateboard does not turn the way it should.

There may be some technical issue in the remote, or if it is not an electric skateboard for adventures, there might be some other technical issues. This article will thoroughly observe the issues your skateboard does not turn. Let’s dig deeper into it.


Trucks are the most crucial things that help you turn right or left on your skateboard. They must be balanced between too tight and too loose. You will have difficulty turning your skateboard to either side if they are too tight.

So if you have difficulty turning your skateboard, try to adjust the trucks. Similarly, the trucks should not be too loose either. If they are too loose, the skateboard will quickly turn, and you will be unable to adjust the speed and turning.

It may cause some unnecessary trouble for you. The solution is straightforward. There are some kingpin nuts in your skateboards that help you to compress and decompress the bushings.

If the polyurethane bushings are too tight, lose the kingpin, and if the trucks are too loose, tighten the nut.


If you check your truck, and they are excellent, and you still have difficulty turning the skateboard, you need to check the wheels. They may be the cause of the problem. First, check whether they are tight is not.

Both tightness and looseness cause create problems in turning the skateboard. Make sure that the wheels are perfectly balanced. Neither too tight nor too loose. Another reason may be the worn wheels. Even the most advanced pair of wheels would worn out one day.

When your wheels are old enough, you need to change them before they create a hindrance in turning your skateboards. The worn-out wheel can be another reason for not turning.


Bearings are another essential element that helps in turning the skateboard. If they are not functioning well, the skateboards will not turn as they should.

Most of the time, the skateboard’s bearings are dusty and dirty, which causes them to rust. Due to this rusting, they do not turn. To ensure that they work correctly, you should give them oil now and then.

Make them clean after every two to three weeks. If the bearings are OK, you will not have difficulty turning your skateboard.

Other hardware

It does not mean that only the bearing, trucks, and wheels are responsible for the turning. There is other hardware in the skateboards that helps them to turn.

If anyone of this hardware malfunctioned, the skateboard would not turn. So if you have difficulty turning, check your skateboard’s nuts, screws, and bolts.

Wrong placement of your feet

If your skateboard is perfectly fine and has no technical issues, you must have an issue with your riding technique. Placing their feet in the right place can be very difficult for beginners, and they face difficulties turning the skateboard either way.

You should consult a professional or a senior in skateboarding to help you place your feet correctly because it is essential to riding.


Skateboarding can be fun until you find some malfunction in your skateboard. Turning your skateboard is one of the essentials you must learn before trying to ride a skateboard. Because if you do not know how to turn your skateboard correctly, you will face some accidents.

If there is a problem with turning your skateboard, you should first check its hardware and solve the technical problem immediately; otherwise, you may find yourself in deep trouble.

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