How to Pick the Right Skateboard Size to Get Your Perfect Fit?

How to Pick the Right Skateboard Size

Skateboarding is a great activity. In today’s world, people always try to be quick in their work and activities. But for faster maneuverability around the places, skateboarding came in early 2000. Many people use skateboarding as a recreational activity. Skateboarding allows people to maneuver around the places they want to go. Learn how to pick the right skateboard size with our comprehensive guide.

Skateboards come in different sizes. People must choose the right size of the skateboard. The wrong size of the skateboard will ruin your riding experience. The right skateboard size can significantly impact riding pleasure. Understanding the sizes of the skateboard is a bit confusing step. If you end up getting the wrong size skate, it could also result in you falling off a skateboard more often than not.

Some things are essential for people to know in buying a skateboard. When people buy a new skateboard, they should know about the deck width they will be using with them. The perfect size of the skateboard is critical. The riding pleasure of the skateboard can be increased with the perfect size. People should aim to match the skateboard’s truck size with the skateboard’s deck size. Here, learn how to measure the truck size of your skateboard.

Professional skateboarders know how to measure and choose the right size for their skateboard. People who are a beginner in this do not know how to choose the right skateboard size. The process of measuring the size of a skateboard is not very difficult. Some tricks are involved in this process. Some things are needed to be in consideration. Things become more manageable when people know and understand the whole process involved.

Picking the Best Skateboard Size 

Various factors are involved in buying a skateboard of the correct size. The factors included in the process are riding style, height, weight, and even shoe size. Skateboard is a combination of many mechanical parts. The part that needs more attention is the skateboard deck. A skateboard deck is a flat deck that varies in size. If we see a short skateboard is ideal for street boarding. More extended decks of the skateboards are better for traveling and cruising. Further comes the different range of sizes that are present in a skateboard. We will also learn about the factors that need to be considered. However, it essential that you also get the best knee pads for your safety while practicing on a skateboard.

Riding Style, Terrain, and Age 

People can ride a skateboard in different styles. Transition-style skating can be done when people skate in a park, vert, or pool. Then there comes street skating, which involves flip tricks and skating freestyle. People need a wider surface under their feet in transition skating for more stability in wooden skateboards. In street skating, a narrower skateboard can be used. One thing that comes next to the party is the skateboard sizes. Let’s have a look at the size list of a skateboard. This list will help people out in choosing the right size of skateboard.

  • (Micro) 6.5’’ to 6.75’’: This size is best for kids under 5.
  • (Small) 7’’ to 7.50’’: Narrow decks for the youth ages 8 to 12.
  • (Mid) 7.50’’ to 8’’: teen youth from ages 13 and above.
  • (Full Size) 8.50’’ and up: These are more expansive decks. They are suitable for transition skating. It provides more security for street tricks. 

Height and Weight of a Person 

The things that come second in consideration are the height and weight of a person. Therefore, the ideal weight of skateboard riders determine the ideal skate size. The concept is fundamental. If you are taller, then you need a wider skateboard. Most of the street skateboards are of the same length. The difference is always in the width of the skateboard. If there is a difference of less than one inch, this will change your riding experience. Here is a list of skateboard sizes according to the heights of people. 

  • 4ft 6in or shorter: 7.25’’ to 7.75’’ board size.
  • 4ft 6 to 5ft 6in: 7.75’’ to 8.00’’ board size is feasible.
  • 5ft 6in or taller: 8.00’’ to 8.50’’.

The other thing is the weight in choosing the perfect skateboard size. The size list of the skateboard size according to the weight is as follows. 

  • (Micro) 6.5’’ to 6.75’’: 45lbs and under.
  • (Small) 7’’ to 7.50’’: 46lbs to 59lbs.
  • (Mid) 7.50’’ to 8’’: 60lbs to 101lbs
  • (Full Size) 8’’ to 8.50’’: 102lbs to 152lbs.
  • (Full Size) 8.50’’ and up: 153lbs and above.

Board Length 

Board length is the most critical step in finding the right size of the skateboard. It varies on the riding style of the skateboarder. Skateboard cruising can be done on a longboard. Skeet skaters always prefer shorter skateboards. Below are some measurements that are related to the skateboard. 

  • Skateboard width: 7.25’’: Recommended length: 29.50’’
  • Skateboard width: 7.50’’: Recommended length: 31.12’’
  • Skateboard width: 7.75’’: Recommended length: 31.12’’
  • Skateboard width: 8.00’’: Recommended length: 31.38’’
  • Skateboard width: 8.25’’ and wider: Recommended length: 32.00’’


Skateboards come in different sizes. People must choose the right size of skateboard. The right skateboard size can significantly impact the riding pleasure. Some things are significant for people to know in buying a skateboard. Some factors impact skateboard riding, like age, height, weight, and board length. People can follow the points mentioned above in choosing the perfect skateboard size. 

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