Blitzart Hurricane Review | Electric Lightweight Skateboard 2023

Blitzart Hurricane Review Summary

Blitzart Hurricane Review


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless remote control
  • Special wheels
  • Battery


  • A bit slow
  • The range is low compared to others
  • Single hub

Skateboarding has emerged as one of the most popular fun sports worldwide, especially in Europe. One of the first skateboards was made of wooden boxes, but with time, it advanced in design and features. They now have electric skateboards. And among these skateboards, Blitzart Hurricane is one of the best.

While the rest of the skateboards do not have any features for automatically increasing or decreasing the speed, you have to do that with your feet, but the electric skateboards have those features. They have a remote control system through which you can accelerate or deaccelerate the skateboards. You can also control the brake from the remote.

There are other quite exciting features of the Blitzart Hurricane skateboards, and this article will explore all of these things for a while.

How is it different than others?

Blitzart Hurricane skateboards are not like any typical skateboard. They have unique features like reverse capability and are lightweight. The lightweight makes it the easiest to carry it with you. Furthermore, due to its efficient remote control system, Blitzart is also labeled as one of the best kids’ skateboards. They are also less costly, thus making them the most affordable electric skateboard. Remote usage makes them more comfortable than other skateboards on the market. These are some amazing features that make them different from any other skateboard.

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In-depth review

These skateboards have a battery that can give you 3 to 4 hours of riding. The speed of these skateboards is also quite good. You can control the skateboard through a wireless remote, thus making it easier to use. They are more flexible and durable than other skateboards.

Alongside these features are other unique features of the Blitzart Hurricane skateboards. Following is the in-depth review of the Blitzart Hurricane skateboards.

Wireless remote control

These skateboards come with the most advanced form of the remote control system. The remote is wireless and very light weighted. You can keep it in your hand without feeling any burden. They are very simple for you as well. You are one button away from the acceleration and declaration of your skateboard.

There are two different types of modes in the remote control. One is for the beginners, and one is for the advanced riders. In the beginners’ mode, the speed is limited because, above a specific limit, an inexperienced rider would not be able to control the skateboard.

Similarly, there is a special button for the riders when they stop their skateboards; by pressing this button, the wheels would not move, and the skateboard would remain where it is.

Range and speed

The maximum range Blitzart Hurricane skateboards can achieve is 8 to 10 miles. With a fully charged battery, you can achieve this much range. You can charge the battery within 3 hours maximum. Similarly, the maximum speed of these skateboards is between 17 to 19 miles per hour, but it depends on the weight and experience of the rider.

Hub motors

These skateboards come with hub motors which are more reliable and comfortable. With these hub motors, the skateboards look more beautiful than without them. They do not produce sounds like other motors, thus making them more comfortable. Most importantly, you can remove them from your skateboard like a regular motor, and the skateboard would not feel anything.

Wheels & Warranty

The wheels of the Blitzart Hurricane skateboards are made of urethane. This formula makes sure that the riders do not feel the little imperfections and cracks in the roads. They are one of those rare skateboards that give you a warranty. Within 90 days of purchase, you can replace or repair your skateboard.


The Blitzart Hurricane skateboards would cost you less than any other electric skateboard—the price of these ranges from 290 to 330$, depending on the design of the Blitzart Hurricane.

Why should you buy it?

If you are a beginner at skateboarding, you must buy it because it is effortless to use. You would be able to ride it without any difficulties. Moreover, it’s one of the best budget electric skateboards that offers all the latest features. The wireless remote control, the speed, and the range of the Blitzart Hurricane skateboard are precisely fitted for beginners. The advanced riders also get a lot of features from it.


You would hardly find a skateboard more reliable and comfortable, and affordable at the same time. The battery, the range, the speed, the remote control acceleration, and the deceleration are some of the unique properties of the Blitzart Hurricane skateboard. if you are planning to buy a skateboard. Try Blitzart Hurricane skateboard. 

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