Backfire G3 Review 2023 | High-Performance Electric Skateboard

Backfire G3 Electric Skateboard Summary

Backfire G3 Electric Skateboard


  • Insane speed
  • Outstanding range
  • Bright ambient LED lights
  • Impressive power output
  • Water-resistant motor and battery
  • Equipped with Caliber II trucks
  • USB Charging interface
  • Includes Turbo mode
  • Fast charging
  • Excellent Ride Quality


  • No Spare wheels 
  • High Maintenance 
  • No Bluetooth companion app

Backfire G3 is sandwiched between the all-new G3 Plus and the well-known, more affordable G2T. And as the middle sibling of the group, it is, of course, the most forgotten board in the lineup. However, even just by glancing through the specs on paper and before stepping onto the board, it is apparent that the G3 deserves some attention among the best electric boards.

This skateboard is very different from the rest of the skateboards in terms of features and price. They differ in price, battery timings, range, deck size, motor powers, weight, and package size. This skateboard is exceptionally feasible from other skateboards in the same league. It is light in weight and is very easy for the riders to move with this skateboard. Some new and advanced features are present in this skateboard which makes this skateboard preferable over the other skateboards. 

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Features of Backfire G3

Backfire G3 Electric comes with some unique options in the market. This skateboard has the best quality and options compared with the league’s competitors, making it the best electric skateboard for beginners. Let’s quickly review some of the features this skateboard has. 


The range test on G3 by exclusively riding on the Turbo mode and max throttle during every acceleration and leaving the LED light blinking through the way. The test result showed that the battery died at 10.5mph (17 Kmph). An average rider could achieve the marketed range of 28.5mph(30kmph) if the rider chooses to ride on Standard mode as G3 comes with a 12s2p 260WH pack, and the Samsung 30T are pretty good cell.

Top Speed 

The top speed test again reveals the maximum speed at a hair is slower than the marketed number. As you can see, Strava was a little more lenient and showed 28mph(45.4kmph) as the top speed, so it is close. Again, the G3 has a pair of 450W motors. Top speed also doesn’t suffer much, even when the battery gets low. The G3 maintained a speed of around 22mph(36kmph) even at a 25% battery level, just like the best cruiser skateboard.

Ride Feel 

Backfire G3 uses the same customized 12s Hobbywing ESC found in the G3 Plus, so skaters who are familiar with Hobbywing ride feel should know what to expect from the G3.

For those new to Backfire’s version of customized Hobbywing ESC, you just need to know that it is deliciously good – perfectly smooth control both in acceleration and braking, intuitive, and responsive.

Turbo mode is now without a time limit and cooldown and essentially acts as the third and highest speed mode. And the acceleration in Turbo modes is pretty satisfyingly fast. Standard modes are pretty standard, and the economic or beginner mode has one of the gentlest controls designed to help first-timers get used to skating.

USB Charging Interface

The G3 skateboard is also a power bank. It has a USB charging port that allows you to charge your remote or phone anywhere, anytime.

High-Efficiency Electrical System

The G3 is equipped with a battery system that is more efficient than most electric skateboards on the market. The battery has a high voltage of 50.4 V, a low current, and a stable discharging process with no voltage drop.

Caliber II Trucks at Front & Back

Backfire G3 Electric comes with front and back Caliber II trucks. G3 gives you an extraordinary carving experience and improved stability at high speed.

Wireless Remote

You can customize your board based on your needs with Backfire’s exclusive multi-functional R3 wireless remote.

  • Fixed speed cruising mode
  • Eco mode, Sport Mode, Turbo Mode (A Turbo button that enables 20% extra power during acceleration)
  • Skateboard information display: mode, speed, range, battery, connection, odometer
  • Speed and range unit setting: mile or kilometer
  • Wheel diameter setting: 85mm, 96mm, 105mm, or 165m

Why should you buy Backfire G3 Electric Skateboard?

The Backfire G3’s impressive specs make it perfect for more experienced riders who want to experience a thrilling ride. It is the best board for people who want to satisfy their need for speed, and with the turbo mode button, they can accelerate 20% faster. Not only is the G3 fast, and has an outstanding range that commuters will genuinely appreciate. Plus, it is also extremely comfortable to ride.  

Although the board has an eco mode that limits the speed, we still feel that the board is not suitable as the first board for beginners and first-time riders. The board may be priced within reason. It may be too fast and expensive for people looking for an electric budget board. You can also check the Backfire G2 Review here.


The Backfire G3 Electric Skateboard is undoubtedly one of the fastest electric skateboards on the market. On top of that, the Backfire is equipped with one of the most stable battery systems, which makes the board extra efficient. Due to its exemplary performance that exceeds expectations, decent speed, and unique features, it deserves a 4.3 out of 5 on our stoke meter.

We can hardly think of anything wrong about this board except for the absence of a Bluetooth app. The R3 remote will have all the necessary controls, even without the Bluetooth app. The Backfire G3 electric skateboard is reasonably priced and worth buying if you are looking for a well-rounded board for commuting and just zipping through the streets really fast. Just remember to look up the laws regarding electric rides in your area to avoid getting a ticket for speeding. 

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