Backfire G2 Review 2023 | Pros & Cons Included

Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports in the US. It was started in the mid-1950s and soon spread throughout Europe. The first skateboards were handmade and made from wooden boxes and planks.

But later on, companies entered the market and started manufacturing different skateboards. At the start, it was an individual play, but its popularity increased so much that in 2020 it appeared in the Olympics games. Among others, the Backfire G2 is the best skateboard ever.

With the advancement of technology, skateboards are also advanced, and the Backfire G2 reflects that. Backfire G2 is the most modern form of an electric skateboard for crazy rides.

This article will walk you through the advanced features and design and an in-depth Backfire G2 review.

What makes it better than others?

Backfire G2 is a new development in the skateboarding market. It is an electric skateboard with a rechargeable battery and motor power. The speed of these skateboards is also far higher than any other skateboard.

Its capacity to climb a hill is 30% higher than others, and its weight is also lighter. Most importantly, it is a meager cost.

These fantastic things about Backfire G2 make it far better and different from other skateboards on the market.

In-Depth Backfire G2 Review

Backfire G2 is the most modernized version of the skateboard. They come with a readymade electric battery and power that increases the speed and ability to climb the hill more than other skateboards.

With 38 km/h, you can run up to 18 km on a single-charged battery which is quite a distance for a skateboard to cover.

Alongside these fantastic features, the Backfire G2 also provides some other unique features. Following is the in-depth Backfire G2 review.

Comfort and stability

The trucks, bearings, and drives of these skateboards are made of steel, giving the product stability and durability. The bushings of these skateboards are also tight at the beginning, thus making it easy for you to ride them if you are a beginner.

With Its durable board, it also offers grip tape support. Backfire G2 comes with a remote, which can be folded to a certain degree (maximum 25 degrees), so you can turn quickly on it.

These things make the Backfire G2 easy and comfortable, even if you are a beginner or it’s a reasonably priced skateboard.

Electronic speed controller

The remote controls the speed and brakes of the Backfire G2. It comes with a power circuit that is controlled by a remote. The speed of the skateboard can be increased to 18 miles per hour, depending on the roads you travel.

The remote also controls the brakes. It would not stop immediately after the break and would travel up to 5 meters (maximum). If they stop immediately, the inertia will work against you, and you might fall instantly from the skateboard.

Thus the braking and speed system makes it less hazardous.


The battery of the Backfire G2 does work for 3 to 4 hours, and you can travel for 18 miles on a single battery charge. The size of these batteries is 180 Wh. And they have a powerful motor of 2 x 400 watts.

Range and speed

The top speed of the Backfire G2 is 24 mph or 38 kph. The maximum speed of the skateboard depends on the weight of the person riding on it. The more a person’s weight, the less would be the speed of the skateboard.

Similarly, the maximum range a Backfire G2 can cover is estimated at around 11 to 12 miles if the battery is full. Just like the speed, the range of these skateboards depends on a person’s weight.


The Backfire G2 gives you six months warranty. Within these six months, you can replace and repair your skateboard if you have any issues with it.

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • Durable
  • Electric Skateboard
  • Great range of battery
  • Removable wheels
  • Six months warranty
  • Reliable


  • The braking and acceleration on the dead battery do not work properly
  • Random shutdowns

Why should you buy it?

Skateboarding can sometimes be very dangerous because you cannot easily control the speed and brake. With skateboards like Backfire G2, in which you can control both speed and brakes, it decreases the chances of falls and increases the fun.

So if you are planning to buy a skateboard, try Backfire G2 once.

Final thoughts

The electric speed controller and readymade battery of these skateboards have revolutionized skateboard sports. These features have made it easy for people to ride a skateboard.

Due to Backfire G2 skateboards, skateboarding has become an international and children’s sport.

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