Why Is My Skateboard Squeaky?

why is my skateboard squeaky

Skateboarding is among the finest games around the world. Riding on your skateboard and moving here and there in the street is another type of fun. The sound the board produces is soothing but irritates when it becomes endless and persistent.

Noise can be very irritating, and when it is your skateboard that is squeaking, that can be even more irritating. A person with a skateboard must have faced the problem of squeaking, which is usual.

Skateboards can squeak for several reasons, but the good news is that you can quickly repair these at home. This article will explain why your skateboard squeaks and how to overcome this problem easily.

Confounding the situation is very easy when you know the case. So let’s dig deeper into the reasons why your skateboard squeaks.

Reasons behind squeaking


There are a lot of reasons behind the skateboard squeaking. One of the primary reasons is bushings. Whenever you hear your skateboard squeaking, immediately check its bushings.

The cause can be physical damage, or you have not changed them for a more extended period. Also, check whether the bushings have enough lubrication. We recommend changing the bushings if they are old, but you need to fix them if they are not that old.

Open the bushing by loosening the nuts. See whether there is any crack or not. If your find some damage, then do change the bushings. But if there is not any crack, wax the bushing or oil them. Hopefully, there would be no noise.


Sometimes bearings are the reason behind the squeaking. They are the most vulnerable part of the skateboard to friction. When you move your skateboard, and it produces some noise, remove all the bearings and check for replacements or oiling. For lubrication, you can utilize silicone-based lube.

Maintained them clean, and your skateboard would make any squeaking if other parts of your skateboard were delicate.

Pivot cup and loose screws

When you lean on your skateboard and if it does make some noise, check your pivot cup and screws. It would be either the loosened nuts that cause the problem or the pivot cup.

To fix this problem, tighten the screws and nuts of your skateboard. It will solve the problem.


If your crews and nuts are tight, your bearings are OK; still, the skateboard makes some noise. Then check the wheels.

Because sometimes, with excessive use, their diameter is smaller than the actual diameter, which causes squeaking noise.

Broken riser pads

Riser pads are essential for skating. The skateboard so much depends on it. These come into play to raise the skateboard’s height to ensure no wheel bite.

The second important function of these riser pads is to prevent any vibration or crack.

Polishing and greasing

So when there is a chance of breakage to riser pads or some damage to them, you can hear vibration or noise in the form of squeaking. The easiest way of fixing this problem is to tighten the screws and check the riser pads now and then.

The best way to avoid all these noises, vibrations, or squeaking is to regularly give oil, grease, clean and polish to your skateboard.

In case of damage, change those parts. But if there is no complete damage, you can wax them regularly.

But with these things, dirt and dust are inevitable. It would be best if you tried to use silicone-based lubricants because they usually do not attract dirt and dust. On the other hand, WD-40 mainly does attract dirt and dust, so try not to purchase one.


It is next to impossible that a skateboard would squeak because almost everything vibrates and produces sounds. But when these sounds become unbearable, we need to do something to prevent them.

If your skateboard squeaks, don’t throw it away because you can quickly fix this unless one of the parts is damaged or broken.

So before purchasing a new skateboard on budget, you are advised to read our article in which we have discussed why your skateboard squeak and there are solutions for this problem to be fixed.

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