Meepo V4 Review 2023 | Detailed Review + Pros & Cons Included

Everyone desires a prolific skateboard with high productivity and efficiency. Moreover, a person demands that he should not avail of its high working capacity at the expense of exorbitant cost. Therefore, a person chooses a fantastic product that is efficient enough.

While going through different skateboard ranges, most users are hooked to Meepo v4 electric skateboards. The Meepo v4 series has dual 4th generation motors that give sufficient power for traveling.

Moreover, it provides immense stability to glide over any imbalanced terrain. You may want to look into Terrain electric skateboards for more options.

What makes The Meepo V4 better than others?

It has a fast-acting charger that requires less than one hour to charge at its total capacity. It has dual motors to provide adequate power. Moreover, it is a lightweight design that makes it portable.

In-Depth Product Review

The Meepo v4 electric skateboards are reaching their peak prosperity due to excellent public reviews. It works by 4th generation motors that serve as a driving force to help it move. Moreover, it accommodates 620 Watt hub motors that give an energy source.


These motors are charged by either a 144 Wh battery or 320 Wh. Moreover, these batteries require only one hour to charge fully to travel a distance of 11 miles or 20 miles.

Compared to other hub boards, it provides a high accelerating speed of 29 mph. The high velocity enables the riders to glide smoothly over different elevations. It’s a new iteration that is gaining a tremendous response. 

Meepo v4 has grabbed the attention of many users. It is a leading electric skateboard due to its winning features. These exceptional features are;


The Meepo v4 skateboards give a high power range due to their dual motor. It incorporates 4th generation motors for delivering enough power to keep it going. These 620w motors give 20% more power compared to other conventional engines.

It offers high-speed stability despite 29 mph speed. Moreover, it requires a battery supply to keep it going due to the store charge.

Meepo v4 is an electric skateboard that works when the battery store the charge. Hence, it can work on both 144 Wh and 320 Wh batteries. 

Acceleration and brakes

Acceleration and brakes are vital to any vehicle. While riding a car or skateboard, you need a smooth and efficient working acceleration and braking system. Moreover, it is responsive to the rider’s input and orders.

It has a low value of top speed that enables the rider to acquire it quickly. The LY-FOC 1.0 ECS is efficient enough to collect information from the remote control and sample it 1000 times per second.

Moreover, its top speed is 25 mph which can be troublesome for many beginner riders. However, the Meepo v4 provides a smooth-acting acceleration at this fast speed. Hence, a person can ride it predictably as he knows it has a quick response. 


The Meepo v4 can travel long distances due to its good battery health. According to the standard range, the Meepo v4 can travel 11 miles. However, one could enhance the range up to 20 miles, known as the extended range.

Moreover, to improve its capacity, it is advised that a person should charge it again upon reaching the destination for a more convenient ride. 


It weighs 17 lb, which enables the feature of portability. Moreover, it has a lower wheelbase that adjusts the center of gravity for better stability. Hence, Meepo v4 is highly durable and sustainable equipment for better riding. 


The Meepo v4 gets the hand of experts for its efficient assembling and working. The manufacturers have analyzed their software and machinery to generate a professional skateboard.

Moreover, the power button provides high quality and instant response. Further, it housed indicator lights that depict battery status. 

The Meepo v4 skateboard has an auburn arch over its top and bottom surface. Moreover, its design is modest and according to the latest trend. Its concave design helps you to hold fast your turning radius. 


The Meepo v4 electric skateboards have wheels of standard size measuring 90 mm. Moreover, they have a durometer of 72A and 80A. These wheels look fine and provide rigid support. 

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • Strong motor
  • Auto-start at the push button
  • Fast charging 
  • Instant response and smooth control


  • A concave deck that causes food ache

Why should you buy Meepo V4?

The Meepo v4 has all the salient characteristics that favor its selling. It is a high-quality skateboard with efficient running power.

Moreover, its wheels provide stability even on an irregular plain. The deck offers trendy patterns that appeal to customers. 


The Meepo v4 electric skateboard is the most efficient one for providing adequate speed at an affordable price. Moreover, it can travel 11 miles without delivering any inconvenience to the rider.

Hence, despite its a few disadvantages, it is the most proficient and better working skateboard.

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