MEEPO Shuffle V5 Review 2023 | Fast-Charging Electric Skateboard

MEEPO Shuffle V5 Electric Skateboard Summary

MEEPO Shuffle V5 Electric Skateboard Review


  • Sturdy Built 
  • Versatile Design 
  • Easy-to-Maneuver 
  • High Stability 
  • Portable 
  • Excellent charging time 
  • High-quality Grip tape 
  • DOT-Approved 
  • 6-Months warranty 


  • Expensive 
  • A bit heavy 
  • Faulty bushings

Thrill and convenience are two closely related terms to skateboarding. However, an electric skateboard only takes it a notch higher. The ability of the best electric skateboard to provide easy transit without breaking a sweat has no match. Skateboarding being an action sport having originated in the United States has developed into many forms over the years. 

Skateboards with time, went through various transformations to become advanced to provide maximum functionality either If it’s to learn crazy tricks or to cover long distances. Electric Skateboards being the most superior kind are the rage these days and MEEPO Shuffle V5Electric Skateboard is one of the tops of its line. 

Here is a MEEPO Shuffle V5 Electric Skateboard Review to gauge the features and efficiency of this skate. Let’s get straight into the details. 

What Makes MEEPO Shuffle V5 Better than Others?

The MEEPO Shuffle V5 Electric Skateboard with its high-grade ability and ability to climb an incline of 15 degrees makes it a great skateboard from the rest. It has a relatively strong and anti-chip 8-ply Maple wood deck. 

This provides sturdiness and longevity, making it an ideal choice for you. Also, its concave shape and push-off auto start help you glide through mountains or even carry on your everyday commute without worry.

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A Deep Insight

If you have a high-quality and efficient electric skateboard on your mind to hone your skateboarding skills, then we have got just the right choice for you. MEEPO Shuffle V5 with its solidly built, unique shape, and powerful performance makes maneuvering through traffic highly convenient. 

Its sturdy yet flexible structure makes it ideal for beginners as well as experts to utilize it without a second thought. Moreover, its slip-proof surface with high-quality grip tape ensures to keep the rider’s feet are firmly in place. It avoids any accidents and mishaps by falling off the skateboard on high speed. However, a rider should wear safety gear including the best skateboard helmets to avoid any serious injuries.

Significant Features of MEEPO Shuffle V5 Electric Skateboard

This budget electric skateboard has many features that speak of its quality and ensure its efficacy along with durability. These features are explained as follows. 

5th Generation Dual Hub Motors 

The MEEPO Shuffle V5 Electric Skateboard is equipped with cutting-edge technology 5th Generation Dual hub Motors. These motors can generate a top speed of 29 mph, letting you reach longer distances in a short time. 

These motors are designed to support climbing inclines and generate enough torque to get to a steep without any exertion.

Battery Life 

The skateboard comes with a high-performing Lithium-Ion battery which can get charged fast, taking up 2-3 hours max. It then provides a long life to within-city traveling time, with a range of 10 miles If used properly. No need to worry with this excellent battery, to charge the skateboard again and again. 

PU Wheels 

105*65mm Polyurethane Wheels with a 78A Durometer hardness make them an ideal choice to keep the skateboard balance and work as shock absorbers of high quality. The wheels can carry the weight of the skateboard and the rider well. Thus, they help the rider maneuver its way carefully through puddles and bumpy terrains without a lot of vibrations. Best skateboards for big guys require strong and stable wheels.

DOT Certified 

This skateboard has been tried and tested under various controlled temperature and pressure situations to determine its durability and strength. The skateboard is DOT certified and covers all the standards required for the safety of the rider.

Why Should You Buy MEEPO Shuffle V5?

The MEEPO Shuffle V5 Electric Skateboard is a user-friendly option for you because it has a load capacity of as high as 330 pounds, making it suitable for adults and beginners alike. Moreover, it has high stability which proves as an ideal point at variable rocky areas If you plan to go for a ride along a hill.  

A great selling point of this all-terrain skateboard is that it comes with a 6-month warranty. Therefore, it gives users the ease-of-return and comfortable to buy without dwelling over the purchase. Nonetheless, it is great value for the money that you are paying and does not break or crack under atmospheric conditions because of its supreme quality.


Skateboarding has long been taken up by youngsters as well as professionals not just as a sport but also as a mode of commute. Moreover, the MEEPO Shuffle V5 Electric Skateboard works wonders in this matter as it not only has massive deck space but also high-capacity motors to push the skateboard up an incline. This skateboard is backed up by a warranty and provides a sturdy ride through longer distances with an excellent charging time. Hopefully, this review helps you in gaining enough information about this skateboard to help you with your purchase decision. 

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