Meepo Mini 2 Review 2023 | Pros & Cons Included

Meepo Mini 2 Review

Leading manufacturers tend to put their interest and investment in gigantic vehicles. Only a few put their efforts into the short-board variant. Some have gained substantial interest in the skateboard and come across innovative ideas.

This is the reason the miniature vehicle lacks significant steps for its excellent working. On the contrary, many brands have consistently worked to achieve a skateboard with exemplary characteristics.

Among them, one of the most popular skateboards is Meepo mini 2. Meepo mini 2 has made considerable efforts to make this electric skateboard consumers first choice. 

What makes it better than others?

The most remarkable feature of the Meepo mini 2 is its high stability and ability to maneuver. Its large-sized wheels help the rider combat extreme vibrations on an irregular surface. Therefore, it is the primary choice of every rider.  

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Meepo mini 2 has gained excellent reviews, possibly due to its exclusive deck. Its e-board has impressed everyone as it has showcased technical advancement and innovation. It has a USB port that enables a person to store the charge.

Furthermore, it is an electric skateboard that uses a remote control system to drive its function. It has 90mm wheels that aid in a comfortable ride.

Meepo mini 2 has some exceptional features that make it a leading brand. It is the most affordable and reliable option for beginners. Here is an overview of its benefits and specifications.

Deck and Shape

The Meepo mini 2 has a Canadian maple deck that measures 76.2 cm in length and 22 cm in width. It has a simple yet intricate design with no unnecessary cuts.

Moreover, it has a relatively shorter deck compared to other electric skateboards. It has a concave design that enables the rider to stabilize himself. 


The Meepo mini 2 achieves its optimum speed of 29 mph. A rider experiences no difficulty when applying brakes. Hence, its brake application is relatively smooth and convenient.

Moreover, its deck and wheel size accomplished this process effectively. 


Its heavy board and large wheels impart the rider’s stability and sustainability. Although it is a short board, it has all the significant characteristics of a skateboard having an extended deck.

The rider can sustain stability even at its top speed due to its broad board. Many shortboards face problems upon changing direction. However, the Meepo mini 2 doesn’t change its direction crisply as it offers a certain rider momentum.

Moreover, it has a short wheelbase with tight corners that provide agility and a comfortable ride. 


The Meepo mini 2 comes in a Samsung 40T set with a power of 288wh. Moreover, without a battery, it uses 144wh at 4.0AH.

This power enables the rider to travel a distance of 9 miles. Furthermore, its average and maximum speeds are 21.4 km/h and 37.8 km/h. 


The Meepo mini 2 comes in 90mm wheels, ideal for excellent stability and maneuverability. Experts prefer larger wheels over smaller ones for multiple reasons. The Meepo mini 2 wheels stabilize when a rider moves over a rocky surface.

Many skateboards suffer from extensive vibrations and squeaking that discomfort the rider. On the contrary, the big wheels in Meepo mini 2 dampened this vibration to a significant extent. 

The larger wheels in the Meepo mini 2 deliver greater power. Hence, a person can have better stability, fewer vibrations, and great power in one skateboard. 

Remote control system

The remote control incorporates various features. It provides three different ranges of speed. So, the rider can select its capacity according to his feasibility. The system will activate a torch light if someone desires to use it at night.

Moreover, it offers an option for reversing, which is unique and helpful. Further, one can easily hold it because of its shape and design. Hence, it’s valuable equipment for controlling your Meepo mini 2 skateboards. 


Riders often feel jerks and vibrations when they travel on irregular terrain. However, thanks to the Meepo mini 2 broad board and large wheels, they significantly reduce the vibrations and squeaking noises to a bearable extent.

Its compact design and 30-inch body make it a powerful electric skateboard.

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • Reduced vibration and squeaking
  • Efficient acceleration and braking system
  • Large wheels


  • Small sized board

Why should you buy it?

It has a smooth braking system with an instant response rate. Moreover, it is an incredible companion that aims to deliver a comfortable ride.

It has 2 Hub motors with a waterproof exterior. Hence, water splashes cannot disrupt its functioning.


The Meepo mini 2 is an electric skateboard with multiple functions. A person can travel even at night due to its torchlight feature.

Its portable design and comfortable shape make it one of the best mini electric skateboards in the market, which enables every rider to travel long distances. Hence, it is an excellent addition to the skateboard series. 

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