How to Install Skateboard Trucks? Assembling Tips for Rookies

How to Install Skateboard Trucks?

Gliding through roads and hills on a skateboard seems fun, but taking turns and controlling it can be challenging without proper trucks. Trucks are metallic pieces in a T-shape placed on the underside of a skateboard. Many people wonder how to install skateboard trucks. Thus, here is a detailed answer.

They ensure that the wheels and bearings stay firmly in place through rough terrains or smooth roads. Trucks impact the skateboard’s overall feel and performance, provide optimum grip, and hold it a couple of inches above the ground. 

Because of their functionality, several sorts of trucks are available in the market. They can easily be mounted on the skateboard with the help of a few easy steps. But before that, you need to understand the parts of the trucks mentioned below and you need to measure the skateboard truck.

Parts of Skateboard Trucks

The T-shaped metal trucks are not just one piece but a few different pieces. These connections and proper assembling make them perform in unison to keep the skateboard stable and help take sharp turns without losing balance. The critical parts of trucks are described here. 

  • The Baseplate is a solid flat metal base with machine-drilled holes directly mounted on the underside of the board. 
  • The Kingpin is a large bolt that comes out of the baseplate. 
  • The Hanger, which attaches to the farther side of the Kingpin. It holds the axles and wheels. 
  • The Bushings are the components that impart turning ability to the skateboard. They are two rubber cups with varying hardness. 
  • The Axles cause smooth running of the skateboard and are also known as hanger shafts. These are held in position with the help of axle nuts and connect both wheels to each truck. 

Method and Steps to Install Skateboard Trucks

Various trucks are available in the market depending on the user’s skateboard’s width, height, and other requirements. Installing trucks is easy and quick if you follow the steps carefully. We have compiled a guide for you to follow to learn the easy mounting of trucks on a skateboard. 

Assembling the Trucks 

The first step of the process is to make sure that the truck’s components are connected and form one piece. This will help keep the moveable parts of the skateboard to stay in place. Inspect the correct placement of the trucks’ kingpin, hanger, and bushings.

Place Hanger Onto Baseplate 

The next step is to place the hanger onto the baseplate. The base plate initially contains 6 holes; 4 smaller holes are for the nuts for baseplate attachment to the board. The other 2 larger holes are for the hanger and kingpin placement. You can easily slide the hanger through the baseplate’s holes and hold it in place. 

Ensure Kingpin Threading Through the Hanger Hole

In the third step, you just need to work on threading, through the other hole in the hanger, you need to thread the kingpin through this hole. Further, It is also very important to make sure not to put it through the hole just yet. 

Washer and Bushing Attachment on Kingpin

While securing the Kingpin, you need to make sure that a washer and bushing are threaded onto the kingpin before attaching it. The washer and bushings must be attached on both sides before securing them. The bushing should be closer to the hanger. 

Secure the Nuts in Place

Once all items are in place, slide the kingpin through the giant hole on the baseplate. Now as a matter of fact, With the help of a kingpin nut, screw the kingpin in place. 

Tighten the nut with the help of a screwdriver enough so that it’s not too tight and loose enough to move freely. If it’s too tight, it can potentially ruin the bushings as well. Repeat this same procedure on the other truck attachment on the skateboard with equal fitting. 

Poke Holes Through the Grip Tape

When installing new trucks on a skateboard, ensure enough holes are present for base plate attachment. If holes are needed, you can use a screwdriver and poke the holes as required through the grip tape. 

Baseplate Attachment 

Now for the primary assembly, slide four bolts through four holes in the board while the skateboard is upside down. Hold them in place and turn the board upside down to tighten them. In this step, ensure that the hangers are facing in the outward direction of the board and the kingpins are facing in the inward direction of the board. 

Use a screwdriver or wrench, whichever is required, and secure the nuts tightly. The trucks are ready to attach wheels, and you can use the skateboard afterward. 


A skateboard is easier to ride to any place, but at the same time, it requires a careful assembling process. Installing trucks on a skateboard is not that hard of a feat, but it requires a few steps. You need to ensure that all the trucks’ parts are in place. 

Then you can take the baseplate and attach it to the board. Secure the trucks and nuts in place with the help of a screwdriver, and you are good to go. We hope that this guide makes your truck installation process on a skateboard easy. 

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