How to Get Better at Skateboarding and Pull Off Cool Tricks?

How to get better at skateboarding

Skateboarding is an excellent sport, loved mainly by teenagers. However, it requires continuous training to excel in this sport. Many burn out fast and lose their morale. Similarly, many bump themselves into the wall and fall off, making them quit this sport. 

Although skateboarding is a challenging task, proper training and technique can make you better at this. Many new riders skip fundamental tricks and focus on complicated ones, making it hard to learn. This post will highlight the best and easy techniques that will help you get better at this. 

If you want to learn skateboarding fast, follow these professional guidelines. Be it a wooden stake board or an electric skateboard, sticking to the basic guidelines is the key. Beginners should follow them properly to improve their skateboard skills. 

Learn How to Fall and Land Properly

Undoubtedly, you will stumble on your first attempt at skateboarding. However, it will seem less scary soon as you learn to fall and land properly. 90% of the riders have a fear of falling. This fear is the biggest obstacle preventing most riders from learning skateboarding

It doesn’t matter how often you fall. As long as you land correctly, you are less likely to get injured. Here are some professional tips to help you fall safely:

  • Avoid landing on the palm, as it can result in a severe wrist injury. 
  • When you land, roll on your back to avoid face injury.
  • Wear safety equipment for your utmost protection. 
  • Ensure to wear a safety-certified helmet and knee pads to avoid bruises.

It’s All About Balance

Skateboarding skills rest on the base of; How strong your base determines the strength of the building resting above. Therefore, always ensure to sustain balance to learn skateboarding fast. Once you learn it, your skills will eventually grow. 

One of the best ways to improve your balance is to place a glass of water on your deck. Start moving forward or backward, but be cautious not to fall into that glass. With practice, you will learn how to achieve balance. 

Progress Slowly

Haste makes waste. This proverb applies here as you can learn skateboarding with time and practice. Moreover, try to take short steps by re-designing your goals. For instance, mark a spot as a “finished line.” With time, increase the distance and place that spot further away. 

Similarly, if you plan to do a kickflip but are afraid to do so, you can use your one foot to land. Go practice until you achieve the correct technique to do this stunt. 

Step Away

Your brain cannot comprehend well when you keep on doing things repetitively. If you are trying things frequently but cannot do them, shake it off and try again later. It is the best technique to learn things. If you try that thing the next day, you somehow manage to do that. 

This phenomenon also implies skateboarding. Stop doing it for a while and then get back to it later. You will notice a visible change in terms of better performance. 

Watch Tutorials

Now every skill and expertise is accessible, possibly due to digital technology. If you want to learn skateboarding, you can watch professional videos. They tend to project live demonstrations of various techniques you can use to improve this. 

Are you struggling to learn kickflip? Hop onto your desktop and watch inspirational videos on how to do this. Their step-by-step guidance will let you learn it more quickly.

You are lucky that you are growing in this era of technology. Now you don’t have to pay extra money to hire a trainer. The internet is here to do this job for you. 

Greet and Meet Other Skateboard Riders

You can be a part of the skateboard community and learn new things from your fellow riders. Interacting with people is a great way to learn from their experiences. By talking with them, you can determine what you are doing wrong and how you can improve at this sport.

Moreover, this interaction is a fun way to learn skateboarding. You can also learn from others and teach them your technique.

For instance, if you are good at heelflip, you can teach that to your friend. Similarly, if your friend knows a perfect hard flip, you can learn that technique from him. 

Train Your Core 

Skateboard is a hectic sport that requires both physical and mental strength. When your physical strength cannot cope well, you fail to perform it properly. As a beginner guide, make your body strong and flexible to endure the stress.

Therefore, build muscles and do workouts to strengthen your core. Training helps you to acquire balance, an essential factor in learning skateboarding.

Moreover, it strengthens your body to endure the injury after a fall. Through it, you can better control your body muscles and quickly learn different skateboarding tricks. 

Practice it daily

Make it a routine to skateboard and practice making the wheels stop or make turns, either in the early morning or at night. It will gradually instill the strength, balance, and correct techniques to improve you. Although it can make you annoyed, it is necessary if you want to learn it.

You don’t require an expert to be a master at this sport. Only practice can develop this skill in your body. 

Final Thoughts

Rather than focusing on the end goal, enjoy this most significant venture. Remember to stay focused, but don’t stress your body and mind.

To become a skateboard expert, stay calm and practice alot. Slowly adapt your body and make it habitual. This way, you can achieve your target by making efforts and keeping focus. 

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