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How to Drop In on a Skateboard

Accurate body positioning and posture adjustment are required to perform a well-balanced drop-in on a skateboard. With people taking up skateboarding as a hobby, skateboarders are learning new and cool tricks daily. Being a hard thing to master, you must first become a pro at straight ramp skateboarding; only then can you move forward to this step. Best beginner skateboards are a good way to start for newbies in this sport.

It requires skills but also guts to perform such a trick with precision. Dropping in, standing on the edge of the ramp bowl, and going down the ramp at high speed. It is hard to ride and a bit tricky to learn. But, With our user-friendly guide, you can quickly learn the basics of a drop-in. 

Easy Steps to Learn How to Drop In on a Skateboard

Along the edge of the bowl of the ramp, there is a raised brim/lip called ‘coping.’ This is the edge where the skateboarder stands to gauge the drop-in process. You can quickly learn to drop in on a skateboard with the following steps. 

Ensure Safety Gear Is in Place

The first and foremost step is to ensure that you take all necessary precautions in case you fall off the skateboard. Ensure that you wear a skateboard helmet with a chin guard, best knee pads, elbow pads, and proper shoes. This safety gear will save you from severe injury in case of a fall. 

Inspect the Ramp

The next step is to inspect and check the ramp out while you are standing on the coping. Get a feel of the transitions by going up and down the curves. Certify that the skateboard you are using is incompatible with the ramp to do a drop-in. 

Map a Line 

Now when you stand on top of the ramp to make the drop, map a line on the ramp through the grooves. You need to know the path/trajectory you will follow once you go down the ramp on your skateboard. Make a line and avoid steep steps, which may cause a collision. Let it be a smooth line with minimum curves. 

Get Into Position

How to Drop In on a Skateboard

The next step is to get into position. Place your board in such a way that the wheels are sticking out over the coping. In this process, you can hold the skateboard back and support it by placing your foot on the board’s tail to avoid falling. To check out one of the best skateboards for drop-ins, give a read to the backfire ranger x3 review.

Analyze Foot Placement

Gauge the placement of your feet in this position. Gently place your front foot in such a way that it is centered between the nuts and a little bit below the nose of the board. Keep your feet firmly in place. 

Shift Body Weight

To initiate the drop, lean in and drop your front shoulders down. Shift your body weight to the front foot on the skateboard. Bend your front knee and transfer all the body weight towards the nose of the board. 


Roll down by slamming the wheels from the front onto the ramp wall. Drop in without hesitation for a smooth transition. Being confident is essential to perform this trick properly. 

Keep Your Balance

Once you have reached the ramp’s lower end, remember to balance consistently between both feet. This helps you move through the curves pretty quickly. And that is how you successfully do a drop-in with a skateboard at a skatepark/skate rink.


Skateboarding has been taken up as a leisure activity and a daily mode of commute by many people worldwide. And with its growth, enthusiasts learn new and thrilling tricks now and then. One of the most skill-requiring and dangerous tricks in skateboarding is a drop-in. 
By keeping safety measures in place and learning the correct process after simple skateboard learning, you can also try to perform this trick. Ensure that all the safety gear is in place. Then stand on the edge of the coping with your skateboard’s wheels sticking out while you balance it with your backfoot at the tail. 
Shift your body weight forward and drop in. Roll down the wall of the skate ramp and keep a balance to transition through curves. We hope this guideline helped you in learning how to drop in on a skateboard in an easy way. 

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