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Best Way to Hang Skateboard Decks

People around the world have habits of wall art. They love to create their home, studios, and workplaces. Many worldly things can be used in this regard. Some people use decorations for this purpose. Some people act more and do some things out of the box.

They use skateboards as art pieces on the walls. They gather a collection of skateboards from the market and use them as art pieces. Some of them have old skate decks back in their garages or stores. Thus, they use them and create a masterpiece for wall decors.

If we see skateboards can be used as wall decorations. Many people have several skateboards for wall art. Some people hang their daily travel skateboard on the wall. From wall mounts to DIY decors, we’ve rounded up the best way to hang skateboard decks and showcase them as cool wall art.

People contain a collection of skateboards. But one question that comes to their mind is how they will be able to hang the skateboard decks. We can hang skateboard decks on the wall. Many people do not know how to hang the skateboard deck on the wall. For starter, they should know how to measure a skateboard deck.

Methods of Hanging Skateboard Decks

Several methods can hang skateboard decks on the wall. Some methods are explained hereby.

Hanging a Skateboard Deck With Fishing Line

The first method to hang skateboard decks on the wall is hanging a skateboard deck with a fishing line. A few steps are involved in this process.

Removing the Skateboard Trucks

The first step you must follow is to turn around the side of your skateboard. Now, take a pair of pliers and hold one of the bolts of one of your trucks in place. Side by side, take a screwdriver and insert its tip into one of the corresponding screws. Now, rotate the screwdriver until the screw gets out ultimately. You have to repeat this step 3 times more to remove the first deck of the skateboard. The exact process will be repeated to remove the other deck of the cruiser skateboard.

Feeding a Piece of Fishing Line Through the Holes

This step is also effortless. In this step, people must find 2 screw holes closest to one end of the skateboard deck. Take a fishing line and a pair of scissors. Cut off a 1-foot length of the fishing line with the help of scissors. You guys have to hold the deck with the underside facing you, and then you have to feed one end of the fishing line through one hole. Then just feed it back again from the other hole towards yourself. 

There were screws in the holes before, which were removed previously. They were helping to hold the deck and the trucks together back then.

Tieing a Knot at the Ends 

The next thing in the procedure is tying a knot at the ends of the fishing line. A fishing line can sometimes be slippery. So, tie a knot on the fishing line. The knot you tie should not be too close to the holes of the deck. People need to provide a little space between the knot and the deck to make the hanging process easier.

Hammering a Nail in the Wall

Now the question comes of which thing we will hang the skateboard. For this, we use a nail. We will take a nail and will hammer it with the help of a hammer against the wall. Hammer the nail until the head of the nail goes inside. Do not smash it into the wall. Now hang the fishing line on the nail between the nail head and the wall.

If you guys want to hang multiple nails on the wall, then just take a measuring tape and measure the exact and equal locations on the wall on which you want to hang the skateboard decks.

Using Wall Mounts to Hang Skateboard Decks

The other step that can be followed is wall mounts to hang wooden skateboards. Let’s look at the steps:

Drilling a Hole in the Wall

The first thing that we will do in this process is we will drill a hole in the wall and will insert a wall anchor there. First, find the point on the wall where you want to place the deck. Drill a hole at that point and insert a plastic wall anchor into the hole. This process will ensure that the anchor is holding the deck’s weight.

Screwing the Deck Display

The second thing that comes in the process is that we need to secure our deck on the wall with the help of screws. There will be a screw on the deck display. Hold it against the wall where you have drilled and screw it there against the wall. A screwdriver can screw the screws in the wall through the holes of the display.

Twisting the Bolts Away From the Wall

Now we need to twist the two bolts out of the screw sticks heading out from the display. We will place the deck on the screws through the deck holes and will align the deck. We will again put the bolts back and twist them to their fullest. Thus, your deck will hang on the wall.


Skateboarding is a recreational activity. Some people use it for recreation, but some have creative minds and love art. People make their house, office, and studio walls creative by hanging decks of skateboards on the wall. They gather a collection of skateboards from the market or use the old worn-out skateboards from their garage and hang them on the wall. Some methods are explained in this regard that will let people know how to hang skateboard decks on the wall. Hanging skateboard decks on the wall will become easy for people.

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