5 Best Mini Electric Skateboards for Portability | Review 2023

best mini electric skateboard

Do you want to enjoy a nice calming ride without much exertion? Do you want to quickly maneuver through traffic or enjoy a smooth path up an incline? Or do you want to get to work or class without sweating? A mini electric skateboard is your answer to all these riddles.

Long and non-electric skateboards need physical exertion to commute through longer routes. A Mini Electric Skateboard is compact, portable, easy to handle, and efficient in workability. Its conveniently small size is a big pro for everyday use. These are hot-selling items because of their popularity among teenagers, kids, and adults. bought for entertainment purposes, such as developing a skateboarding hobby.

Mini-electric skateboards lower your physical activity and let you gauge your way using their high-efficiency motors without too much work. Electric skateboards are big and bulky, making them hard to carry and decreasing in feasibility. Whereas Mini Electric skateboards are lightweight and fractionally decrease your struggle to carry a heavy device in your backpack.

They are also a source of an environment-friendly and economical commute mode. These skateboards are becoming a mode of communication for office workers and students. A quick-growing market of electric skateboards gives you all types of options to choose from.

To make this choice easier for you, We have narrowed down 5 of the best-performing compact/ mini electric skateboards in the market. This also contains a buying guide for the best possible experience for your selection and purchasing. 

Best Mini Electric Skateboards Comparison Table

1Backfire G-2Backfire G2
2Boosted Mini XBoosted Mini X
3Razor RipStikRazor RipStik
4Meepo Mini 2Meepo Mini 2
5Blitzart Mini FlashBlitzard Mini Flash 28”

1. Backfire G2- Best Quality Mini Electric Skateboard

Backfire G2- Best Quality Mini Electric Skateboard

This is the skateboard for the fast trackers. If you are looking for a speed-generating but sturdy skateboard, then the Backfire G2 is the option for you. It provides a smooth and balanced ride along with the great steering ability to deviate sharp turns. 

Durable Built

Backfire G2, with Its 9” wide board with a length of 38 inches, provides more area for comfortable placement of your fee. These also make it super stable for skating at high speed. It’s ideal for uphill rides.

Its 400 W high-performing single motor is efficient enough to give it a top speed of 23 Miles per Hour. This makes it an absolute treat to skate through hills or plains. Backfire G2 is also perfect for beginners If they stay in first gear and can handle it pretty easily. This is a perfect board for beginners and adults alike. 

Digital Screen Remote

Backfire G2 is a high-quality board that comes with a pre-packed easy-to-use digital screen remote control that aids in moving forward, building or slowing down the speed, and shifting gears of the skateboard.

Its polyurethane wheel size being 96 Millimeters allows it to carry 240 pounds of weight.  


Its 83A durometer hardness proves Its resistance towards indentation, making it hard to damage/ break. In turn, makes the Backfire G2 durable. Its 187Watt/hour battery takes up to 3 hours to charge, giving you an average of a few hours output time.

It also comes with a 6 months warranty. It comes in the affordable price range in the mini electric skateboard options. 


  •  Durability 
  • Perfect for bulky people
  • Ideal for Uphill speed-building rides
  • Great for beginners and adults 
  • Sleek design 
  • Affordable


  • Not safe for puddles or watery areas
  • Not enough battery time

2. Boosted Mini X – Best Overall Mini Electric Skateboard 

Boosted Mini X - Best Overall Mini Electric Skateboard

If you are looking for an electric skateboard with great speed, stability, and design performance, then Boosted Mini X should be your choice. This is very aesthetically pleasant, sleek, and durable, making it a source of attraction for the eyes.


Boosted Mini X electric board is made of composite, specially created to make the product stronger and stiff. This makes it electricity resistant, which comes in places during rains.

The Mini X has a board width of 5 inches with a wheel size of 80 Millimeters, making it compact in size and easy to carry to work and school; and traveling scenarios, commute through buses or trains as it easily fits.   The concave shape of the board makes your feet easily fit in position for longer routes and refined rides. 

Motor Power

With 1000 Watts of Power, the motor provides it a maximum speed of 20 Miles per hour, making it easy to climb hills as steep as 20%. Boosted Mini X provides a battery that gets charged in 1 hour and 45 minutes. It provides longer durations of workability and regenerative brakes than standard electric skateboards.

Bluetooth Remote

It comes with Boosted’s Ergonomic Bluetooth remote, which provides super responsive, three-mode controls from beginners to expert controls. Its design makes it perfect for quick pivoting and sharp turns and makes you glide through cracks of the road providing high stability. 

Boosted Mini X electric board comes with a year-long warranty. Its price range is more on the pricey side, making it a little hard to purchase. But this should be your pick if you are looking for a long-lasting, sturdy, high-performing skateboard. 


  •  Stability 
  • One year Warranty 
  • Sturdy product material 
  • Great battery time
  • Compact design 


  • Not very affordable

3. Razor RipStik – Best Top Rated Mini Electric Skateboard

Razor RipStik - Best Top Rated Mini Electric Skateboard

If you are searching for a lightweight, super comfortable cooler-looking mini skateboard option, then Razor Ripstick is the best bet for you. Its unique design makes it much more attractive for the eyes.

Powerful Motor

The powerful 100 Watt motor propels the Razor RipStik giving it a top speed of 10 Miles Per Hour, which gives it a more stable ride on hillsides or plains. It comes with a comfortable and effortless handheld remote with a thumb throttle by which you can easily cruise through winding roads.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Its 22V Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery makes it easy to get fully charged in 2-4 hours, which can make sure that it covers long routes. It is an ideal skateboard for kids above the age of 9 years because of its low risk of top speed.

The material is strong and well manufactured. It provides great downhill motion in locations like hilly areas or steep roads.

Wide Foot Space

The Razor RipStik has a board width of 9 inches, making it wider and steadier for the rider. It provides a swivel motion due to Its design which takes a little training time to get used to it.

This swivel motion propels you and will make it longer for you to learn than simply standing on the skateboard in a proper position and pushing off from that at a controlled speed. Once you get used to it, it’s a whole different experience for you. 

Razor RipStik is easily affordable and comes with a six-month warranty.


  •  Light Weight 
  • Great downhill ride 
  • Comfortable 
  • Portable 
  • Balanced speed 
  • Unique design


  • Hard to learn to operate 
  • Not suitable for longer distances 

4. Meepo Mini 2 – Best Cheap Mini Electric Skateboard

Meepo Mini 2 - Best Cheap Mini Electric Skateboard

Meepo Mini 2 Mini Electric Skateboard explains that it is a great option for those looking for an affordable, reliable skateboard for commuting. This is well known among the mini electric skateboarders. It has a nice portable size.

Hub Motors

The hard acceleration from the 2 HUB motors with the combined power of 2×400 Watts gives it a top speed of 28 Miles Per Hour.  This makes it a power-packed Mini Skateboard, generating acceleration. It is very comfortable for short-distance commutes with a board width of 9 inches.


The board is made up of Maple with a Durometer Hardness of 100A, making it highly resistant to breakage and shards. The wheels are 90 Millimeters and are made of Polyurethane, making them stronger to maintain weight up to 300 pounds.

Remote Control

Meepo Mini 2 comes with a popular Hobbywing ESC remote controller, on which LED lights to signalize battery status and speed. Hardware buttons are mounted on the remote to control the speed modes. If you can adjust the gears, it is convenient for teenagers and adults to ride it. 


A 4Ah battery is provided, giving a maximum range of 18 km on a full charge. The battery takes up to 2 hours. Meepo Mini 2 comes with a 6-month warranty. It comes under the highly affordable price range. 


  •  High speed 
  • Non-slipping wheels 
  • Solid built
  • Dual motor power 
  • Compact 
  • Affordable 


  • A bit unattractive 
  • Not very stable

5. Blitzard Mini Flash 28” – Best Durable Design Mini Electric Skateboard

Blitzard Mini Flash 28” - Best Durable Design Mini Electric Skateboard

If you are looking for a Premium quality skateboard that guarantees top-notch specifications, then Blitzard Mini Flash 28” is the electric skateboard for your taste. This is of the best starter electric boards for beginners and experts alike.

For a more well-balanced approach, this skateboard provides the best value for your money by providing you the optimum features of a full-sized electric skateboard but in a miniature size.

Strong Built

The Blitzard Mini Flash 28” is well-loved because of its 5-ply maple wood and 2-ply bamboo wood on the bottom part of the board. This gives the skateboard flexibility and strength.

Grip Tape

A grip tape is also mounted on the top to keep the rider’s feet in the spot. It has polyurethane wheels which are 2.8 inches and can bear up to 270 pounds of weight. This is ideal for people who are heavily weighted. 


It is powered by a 250 Watt motor giving it a top speed of 12 Miles per hour. It has a range of 8 miles on a single charge capacity. The Blitzard Mini Flash 28” mini electric skateboard has a remote control providing forward, backward, gear, speed options, and brakes.

These electric skateboards come with a reverse-moving option. Its battery takes less than 2 hours to charge. It comes under one of the more expensive options for an electric skateboard. 


  •  Lightweight 
  • Fast charging time
  • The durability of the board 
  • Smooth ride 
  • Equipped with grip tape for a firm hold for beginners 


  • Short battery output time. 
  • Not a very appealing design.
  • Expensive

How to Evaluate the Best Mini Electric Skateboards on the Market? Buying Guide 2023

With the help of proper research, we have made a list of features that can help you ensure proper knowledge before you make your next purchase decision for an electric skateboard. Below are comprehensive points to keep in mind when buying a mini electric skateboard. 


The best mini electric skateboards should be compact in size. The small size assures the device is portable. To buy the optimum quality skateboard, It should be made sure that it is easy to carry and travel with. It should be easy to maneuver through crowded areas.

Smaller-sized boards are more convenient for daily usage. If the skateboard is bigger in size, then It’s hard to fit anywhere. Travelling is hard with those big bulky skateboards. It is inconvenient in the longer run. 


The battery life is critical in deciding which electric skateboards to buy. Since these are chargeable, the purchaser should keep in mind that batteries drain more juice while going uphill or moving in crowded areas. This will require more power, so a bigger, more powerful battery is needed. It should not be fast draining. 

You may want to consider a choice offering a bigger mileage on a single charge. You may want to look for a battery that charges fast and gives you more miles. A battery that gives 18-20 miles in a single charge can be your ideal option. 


For an electric skateboard, speed is an essential point to concentrate on. You need to get a skateboard that provides an optimum amount of speed to go up a hill. It would require more acceleration for a steep patch of a hill or a road.

In this scenario, most dual motors perform the best as they provide more acceleration, but some well-manufactured single motors provide nearly the same speed. 

Product material 

For a mini electric skateboard, the product used for building the board and the wheels should be sturdy and strong, for example, composite for the board and polyurethane for the wheels. You should look into the skateboards that are strong enough to sustain bumps and crashes and strong enough to hold the weight of the rider.

This increases the durability of the skateboard. Going the extra mile would be checking the Durometer hardness; a high number from this means the material is strong and resistant to basic damage. This also decreases the damage from indentation caused by bumpy roads. 

Motor efficiency 

The power of a motor defines how an electric skateboard will perform in steep or plain areas. This is one of the essential features to keep in mind when purchasing a mini electric skateboard. Dual motors are ideal and effective motors to go uphills and also downhills as they multiply power.

In turn, they generate more acceleration and torque. In buying a mini electric skateboard, you should consider looking for a powerful motor that can result in an acceleration-driven, easier, smooth, and comfortable skating experience in any area for the rider. 

Insulation against the electric charge

For a mini electric skateboard, a purchaser should ensure that the board’s material and the whole device are insulated against water to save yourself from a short circuit. This makes the board easy to use in rainy conditions, road puddles, and moist areas. 

If the board is not insulted properly, then water may affect you or your device directly in a damaging way.


Another vital point before buying a skateboard is to observe that The product of the skateboard should also be light enough for the skateboard to carry the weight of the rider. Being lightweight also allows the board to glide through the cracks of roads. 

You may look into the boards that are made of light materials like plastic or wood. If the board is made of hard material like steel or iron, It would be hard to carry and commute with, making it inconvenient. 

Wrapping Up

Mini Electric Skateboards are a new compact mode of communication for youngsters. This is widely becoming a choice of transport for students and the working-class alike. These are small in size, efficient working, easier to get through traffic, and portable. These are also increasing in demand because of their being eco-friendly and durable. 

Above is a list of five efficient and compact Mini electric skateboards that are small yet entirely effective in transport. These have high-performance motors that have the capability to climb uphill easily as well as provide smooth rides on roads and plains.

They are convenient to travel with and easily available in the market, making them accessible for use. We ensure this detailed review helped you make an informed decision in buying the best mini skateboard. Happy purchasing. 

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