10 Best Complete Skateboards in 2023 For All Skill Levels

best complete skateboard

It is difficult to assemble a skateboard, especially if you’re new to skateboarding. Complete skateboards are already put together and prepared for use, so if you don’t want to assemble your board, this is an excellent choice.

To provide full, high-quality skateboards that are distinctive, different, and fashionable in accordance with customers’ needs, numerous brands are vying with one another on the market. Considerations like quality and price should be kept in mind before purchasing a skateboard from any brand. If you consult experts or look at several skateboards on the market, you’ll see that maple wood predominates as the main component. It is strong, adaptable, and has the ideal weight distribution. 

The greatest fully assembled skateboards will be delivered to your door, ready to use. To bring you the top complete skateboards available, we examined millions of different products and compiled a ton of real user evaluations. A full skateboard is made up of other characteristics. To get a good idea of the ideal skateboard setup for you, read the article’s purchase advice.

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Best Complete Skateboards Comparison Table

Sport Elite

Sport Elite

  • Best Cheap
Landyachtz Dinghy

Landyachtz Dinghy

  • Best Overall
Penny Nickel

Penny Nickel

  • Best Top-Rated
Sector 9 Snapper

Sector 9 Snapper

  • Best Durable
SKOCHO Pineapple 28in

SKOCHO Pineapple 28in

  • Best Sturdy
[CCS] Skateboard

[CCS] Skateboard

  • Best Cruising
Retrospec Zed

Retrospec Zed

  • Best Sustainable
Skotti Cruiser

Skotti Cruiser

  • Best Lightweight
Element Section

Element Section

  • Best Stable
Long Island Dharma Pintail

Long Island Dharma Pintail

  • Best Long-Lasting

1. Sport Elite – Best Cheap Complete Skateboard

Best Cheap
Sport Elite - Best Cheap Complete Skateboard


  • Budget-friendly
  • Robust and durable deck
  • Pre-assembled
  • Because of the angled risers, balance, and control are improved.


  • Trucks could cause you some problems.

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8-Inch Double Kick Maple Deck

Most people envision a skateboard when they first think of the traditional double kick. The majority of skaters today perform a variety of flip tricks on skateboards with two kicks at either end, known as “double kicks.”

They advise choosing a deck between 8.0 and 8.5 inches if you wear shoes that are at least 9.5 inches wide. Skaters who enjoy flips, manuals, ledges, flat bars, and other technical maneuvers typically favor boards on the narrower end of the size spectrum.

60 Bearing

A double-shielded micro ball bearing size is 608ZZ bearing. With greased lubrication, this single-row bearing can rotate at a maximum speed of 34,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) while supporting radial loads. For longevity and resistance to deformation under severe loads, it is built of carbon steel.

Durable with High-quality Material

The skateboard wheel’s substance is softer than a lot of those seen in stores which makes it one of the best cruiser skateboards. You can move swiftly and gently through even the most difficult obstacles, like rocks. You would hardly hear any screaming noises on the more than 6km drive to work. It provides incredibly stable mobility.

The sluggish bearings are the only problem with this device. Therefore, updating your skateboard’s bearings will make it a terrific one.

Riser Pads

Rectangular pieces of sturdy plastic called riser pads are intended to fit between your deck and your trucks. The main purpose of a riser pad is to elevate your wheels high enough to prevent wheel bite, which occurs when your wheels rub the board.

Final Verdict

Many consumers need clarification on this cruiser version’s flawless design, robustness, and performance. And I counted myself among those who found this specific message board to be fascinating. Your investment is warranted.

2. Landyachtz Dinghy – Best Overall Complete Skateboard

Best Overall
Landyachtz Dinghy - Best Overall Complete Skateboard


  • Stronger than steel owing to the aluminum body.
  • The skate’s superb grip makes trick-performing possible.
  • After unpacking, there are no adjustments necessary because it is immediately used.
  • Wheels easily accelerate.
  • You have a choice of eight excellent graphic and color options.


  • Care must be taken because the edges could fray with time.

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A whole series should be dedicated to the popular board known as The Rowboat. For all you kick-flipping riders out there, the Landyachtz Dinghy is the epitome of what you desire in a tiny deck slalom. 

Portable and Light

The Landyachtz Dinghy is the ideal size for storing in tight spaces, at only 28.5″. It is simple to transport around town or on campus.

Top Quality Parts

One of the most prestigious names in skateboarding is Landyachtz. They construct an entire system that is made to last using top-tier products.

Pine Deck

For many years, maple has been the material of choice for skateboards. The Dinghy is considerably preferable to plastic because it is made of 7-ply maple.

Tail and Nose

The Dinghy’s tail has a lot of bounce. Excellent for doing any flip trick in the book as well as for climbing over barriers. The nose has plenty of capacity for nose manuals and shuvits while not being as prominent.

Mini Flare Wheels

The Dinghy includes mild wheel flares in addition to carved-out wheel wells to help prevent wheel bite. As a result, there is maximum wheel clearance and a locked-in feeling.

Final Verdict

This overall best skateboard has everything you require while riding. It is a perfect fit for your exciting commute across the town. I rate it 9 out of 10 for it is loved and applauded among the best riders. Moreover, it is one of the best boards to learn skateboarding as a beginner. 

3. Penny Nickel – Best Top-Rated Complete Skateboard

Best Top-Rated


  • Affordable
  • Many individuals are comfortable with the deck size.
  • Superior grip tape
  • The 8-inch broad breadth is ideal for beginners who want to improve their balance.
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • ABEC 7 bearings


  • It gets sold out in no time.

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The First Penny skateboard is crafted using the finest components and meticulous attention to every last detail. The aesthetics, functionality, and performance of Penny Skateboards are all above and beyond your expectations. 

Fully Prepared

All Penny Skateboards are sent fully built and prepared for use. Get the group together, choose a location, and start moving!

The Most Comfortable Turnaround

You won’t believe how smooth the Penny ride is with all the best parts. You’ll go swiftly and smoothly thanks to each board’s unique Penny ABEC 7 bearings.

Take it anywhere

Penny skateboards are portable, so take them everywhere! They can fit in most backpacks because they are compact and light. Ideal for your upcoming vacation or a college campus.

Various Designs and Colours

The largest selection of colors and styles belongs to Penny! Shop the entire selection to put up your own Penny board right away.

ABEC 7 Bearings

Abec 7 bearings are a quick and reliable alternative that precisely fits any longboard or skateboard. You may increase the speed of your longboard or skateboard by using these bearings. These bearings are quick, but they also have speed washers and built-in spacers.

Final Verdict

This item’s straightforward design makes it suited for all users, and even novices like myself can glide easily. Additionally, this skateboard is extremely sustainable, saving you money on repairs and upkeep. 

4. Sector 9 Snapper – Best Durable Complete Skateboard

Best Durable
Sector 9 Snapper - Best Durable Complete Skateboard


  • All skaters will fit
  • somewhat deep concave
  • Wheels with impact resistance
  • One cannot readily fall


  • Bearings are sluggish.

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The 34-inch Snapper is a cross between a pintail and a cruiser. Although it has a pintail-like aspect ratio and a lengthy 21-inch wheelbase, this cruiser sports a big, fish-shaped kicktail for simple kick turns and curb hopping. 

The hybrid build of the Snapper’s maple and bamboo gives it a wonderful amount of elasticity for deeper carving. For a quick, smooth, and shock-free ride, the cruiser is equipped with flowing RPK Mission trucks and well-proportioned 61mm wheels.

BioThane High-Quality Deck

It possesses all of these advantages and more, biothane is a fantastic pick. It is long-lasting, waterproof, UV-stabilized, and mildew and mold growth resistant. Biothane might be a good option if you want something that will endure longer than leather, nylon, vinyl, and other synthetic materials.

60mm Wheels

Due to their small weight, ability to roll quickly on flat surfaces, and ease of sliding, these hard wheels are the greatest skateboard wheels for park and street skating. This makes it simpler to perform technical feats like ollies, flips, power slides, and others.

ABEC 7 Bearings

The skateboard trucks are made of aluminum alloy and have a five-inch width, just like a few of the skateboards. The 60mm, ABEC 7 bearing wheels are installed by the manufacturers. 

However, due to their standard proportions, professional riders choose to upgrade the wheels. The wheels’ premium PU material is supported by an impact-resistant ABS material.

Final Verdict

For people like me who have big bodies but still want to play this adventure game, it is the ideal solution. Not only is there a personal version, but there are also two. It is highly durable and will run for an extended period of time. 

5. SKOCHO Pineapple 28in – Best Sturdy Complete Skateboard

Best Sturdy
SKOCHO Pineapple 28in - Best Sturdy Complete Skateboard


  • Simple to carry
  • trustworthy truck
  • Slip-resistant markings
  • robust deck


  • Wheel urethane is prone to deterioration.

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SKOCHO Pineapple 28in is one of the most incredible skateboards in the market that offers complete safety and comes with improved turning and enhanced mobility. If you are at a stage where you are learning how to ride a skateboard, you must consider the aspects of this one.


Stylish and reasonably priced skateboard made of bamboo and Canadian maple wood. Greater control is offered by the design of the two kick tails. Sand grit finishes on top to grab your foot, increasing user safety and stability.


5.25-inch High-strength vehicle made of aluminum dies casting. High rebound SHR-90A urethane bushings. They offer improved turning and better mobility.

ABEC-7 Bearings

Bearings with spacers, ABEC-7 – a smooth, long-lasting glide. To equally disperse stresses and extend the life of your bearings, spacers are included.


62 * 51mm (78A) PU Shakedown Wheels – The smaller diameter guarantees you can still pop tricks at the park while providing the right hardness, improved wear resistance, stronger stability, and grip.

Perfect Gift

This skateboard is the perfect gift for friends and is suitable for both novice and experienced riders. Its modern design and slip-resistant markings make it the best kids’ skateboard.

Final Verdict

Many consumers need clarification on this cruiser version’s flawless design, robustness, and performance. And I was one of those people that found this particular board fascinating. Your best investment is warranted.

6. [CCS] Skateboard – Best Complete Cruising Skateboard

Best Cruising
[CCS] Skateboard - Best Complete Cruising Skateboard


  • Highly durable
  • High-quality maple deck
  • 52mm Wheels
  • 109ma Trucks
  • Complete assembly


  • It might not be best for beginners

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Since 1985, millions of skaters across the world have trusted the CCS brand, which is where this board originates directly from. They put a lot of effort into making the ideal comprehensive budget skateboard. 

This board’s traditional design makes it ideal for tricks and cruising. The high-quality maple wood provides the ideal balance of flex and stiffness. You won’t be let down by this study 7-play Canadian maple deck.

Durable & Sturdy

This forum includes everything you need, whether you’re a novice or an experienced pro. They are giving you a means for you to resume skating because they are aware that you don’t want to spend a tonne of money to do so. You’ll appreciate the craftsmanship; this skateboard is not a subpar imitation but is surely a travel skateboard.


They are sturdy wheels that will provide you with exceptional mobility and control for stunts. For street skating, the 52mm wheel size is a fantastic choice. They are capable of handling tough terrain and have good speed and maneuverability. They might not be the ideal option for beginners, though, as they can be challenging to control.


How well a skateboard performs and how smoothly its wheels roll is significantly influenced by the quality of the bearings and trucks mounted on the skateboard. To achieve the finest performance, you must ensure that you choose metal trucks and aluminum bearings.


This board has a traditional symmetrical form makes it ideal for tricks and cruising. The high-quality maple wood provides the ideal balance of flex and stiffness.

Final Verdict

The price is the best I’ve ever seen for a skateboard. You may receive a wonderful ride with a good standard size for pros and exceptional safety thanks to the stable wheel system for the price that is being charged. 

7. Retrospec Zed – Best Sustainable Complete Skateboard

Best Sustainable
Retrospec Zed - Best Sustainable Complete Skateboard


  • No friction in the wheels
  • Precise turns with high-quality trucks
  • Grip tape
  • Sturdy deck
  • PU Wheels
  • Kingpin Trucks
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Upgrade is expensive

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The newest longboard pays homage to the improvised backyard longboards of the 1950s with its traditional surfboard shape and feel. ZED not only gets us where we need to go, but also takes us back in time to a place with sun, surf, salty air, breezy days, dewy nights, and retro songs with lots of reverb. It is the best longboard for long distances among all its competitors.   

Intervention Technology

This brand prioritized ease of use by incorporating wheel wells to prevent grabs. Rock-finished, robust 70x51mm 85A PU wheels.

High-speed and precise

The ABEC-7 tolerance grade precision ball bearings, which can handle all of your adventures, is perfect for high speed and great running accuracy. Smooth, shock-absorbing 70 mm Polyurethane wheels with a rock finish will improve your ride.

A Sturdy Build

The 41″ x 9.5″ artisan longboard from ZED is composed of 8-ply Canadian maple and bamboo from sustainably managed forests, creating an unbeatable blend of strength and pliability. All you have to do is to start your ride without any additional assembly. 

Extra Wide, Sturdy Deck

Feel secure when cruising on a deck made of bamboo and 8-ply maple from sustainable sources. Plus, 80AB grip tape is exceptionally scratchy and abrasive to keep you on your feet.

PU Wheels, 85A

With shock-absorbing 70x50mm 85A Polyurethane wheels and a rock finish for better traction, you can easily navigate bumps. With accurate ABEC-7 bearings, responsive and easy-gliding slant reverse kingpin trucks enable longer, quicker rolls with less pushing.

Final Verdict

I meticulously check the skateboard’s stability and control because I am a demanding user. Fortunately, I have Zed’s skateboard that is the best regarding stability, viability, and cost, this version is the one you should choose. I will give it 10 out of 10.

8. Skotti Cruiser – Best Lightweight Complete Skateboard

Best Lightweight
Skotti Cruiser - Best Lightweight Complete Skateboard


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Canadian deck
  • Concave design


  • Not durable enough

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Cruiser skateboards, which resemble surfboards, are great for commuting, cruising around town or the neighborhood, and other short-distance trips; You’ll attract attention when you’re out and about thanks to the performance and design of this cruiser surf skateboard. Straight out of the box, it is ready to use.

The cruiser skateboard comes all assembled

Take the board out of the packaging, remove the plastic wrap, tighten the trucks to the desired level using the accompanying skate tool, and then head to the skate ramps, skate park, or other suitable location.

No expense was spared during design.

They have added lightweight but durable gravity-cast trucks, 59mm x 45mm wheels (85A hardness, 80% rebound) for all situations, and ceramic wheel bearings with set gaps for a smooth, quick ride to the 27.75″ long by 8″ wide non-slip deck with concave front and back kicks.

The Ideal Present for All Skaters

No matter the rider’s age or skill level, this full cruiser skateboard is beginner-friendly and guaranteed to give them an outstanding skating experience; It’s a great idea to give this skateboard to adults and children as a birthday, Christmas, or Hanukkah present.

Providing the Best Ride of Your Life

Getting outside in the fresh air, feeling like a kid again (if you aren’t already), and improving your health and fitness are all made possible by skateboarding; the goal is to make high-quality skate equipment accessible to all consumers.

Canadian Maple Deck

Seven-ply maple rock is used for the deck, which is connected with epoxy glue to make it flexible and shock-resistant. For a beginner like myself, it is perhaps the most important aspect because there will be a lot of unexpected collisions. 

Unfortunately, I accidentally left the board free to a certain height during one session, but it was still sturdy and effective. It is a wonderful alternative for persons who are overweight because it can sustain up to 220 lbs of weight.

Concave Design

The concave is about average. It has outstanding maneuverability due to its roomy nose and kicks tail. Both novice riders who want to learn fundamental skills and experienced riders who want to do a variety of feats can use the design.

Final Verdict

The advantages of this Skateboard typically include its distinctive design and perfect skating ability. And those are the main things I think about this unique board. Using this board will assist you in maintaining the best possible health. 

9. Element Section – Best Complete Stable Skateboard

Best Stable
Element Section - Best Complete Stable Skateboard


  • Cheap and still reliable for beginners
  • The deck’s form
  • Numerous pop
  • Lightweight wooden board structure


  • Softer wood chips make skating on other skateboards easier.

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Due to the size of the deck and the high caliber of the trucks and wheels, Element complete skateboards are a great choice for a beginner. This deck is offered by Element in an 8.0′′ size, which is ideal for most teenagers and smaller adults. 

I am a man who wears men’s 8.5-size shoes and is 5’6″ tall. I discovered that the 8.0″ completely fit me perfectly. There are a few complete skateboards in the sizes of 7.5′′ and 7.75′′ that are offered here for the same price if you need a smaller deck. You’ve just found the perfect skateboard if you’re a novice wanting to keep your first one under $50. It is an excellent deal at this price.

Pop and Deck’s Shape

The shape of the deck was amazing, however, it only lasted me for about 15-20 hours, which is less than a deck I would get from my neighborhood skate store. It possessed the ideal amount of mid-concavity, a steep nose, and a long tail. 

Compared to most of the other boards I’ve been accustomed to riding, this one has a thinner and lighter deck. It had an amazing pop, which made it simpler for me to get the board off the ground. The decreased weight also made it easier for me to ollie on to ledges that were a little higher than usual.

The Vehicles

They have the same feel as the Independent trucks. They are light, turn smoothly, and feel stable. The only part of this whole thing. The best skating trucks are installed in this skateboard. The full skateboard that I am using right now has all new parts that I changed out.


The pre-assembled skateboards from Element are made especially for novices. Therefore, if you’re looking to get your first skateboard, this is the one to choose. For less than half the price of buying each individual component separately, you can learn everything you need to know.

Final Verdict

Skateboards with all of their elements assembled are ideal for novices who are still learning their ollies, shuvits, and kickflips. This is a fantastic value for a whole skateboard to learn on, but, assuming you keep near to the ground. In any case, this is probably the best travel skateboard for you if you are skating off of stairs or in large drops.

10. Long Island Dharma Pintail – Best Long-Lasting Complete Skateboard

Best Long-Lasting
Long Island Longboards


  • Beautiful designs with inspiring sentiments
  • lovely grip tape
  • Built of strong wood


  • The wheels are hard and not working properly.
  • Level deck

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A traditional longboard with a design influenced by surfing, the Dharma Pintail is ideal for smooth carving and cruising. This board gives you a smooth ride on any terrain, whether you’re just using it for casual recreation or simple shopping.

Riding fashion

For a nice start to the day, skate calmly to work or school. The comfortable ride from point A to point B is ensured by the smooth surf-like feel.


This form is an absolute classic. Both striking and classic, the small snout and pointed tail. The deck’s gracefully curved design has more in common with a surfboard than a traditional skateboard.


The wheels and trucks are precisely positioned on the board. Even on uneven ground, the soft wheels offer optimum traction and speed. The deck is constructed of tested 7-ply maple wood.

Final Verdict

If a longboard is in front, you’ve made a perfect choice. Since 2012, this Spanish longboard company has been offering the market complete boards and high-quality longboard decks made with skill, love, and the finest materials. 

Buying Guide for Best Complete Skateboards

Each skateboard mentioned above comes with a special set of attributes. It is always best for purchasers to carefully examine the overall market. Choose the option that best fits your skill set and price range.

The immaculate designs are customizable. It can be ridden on streets and down hills thanks to its wheels and bearings. Additionally, there is no requirement for routine part upgrades. All of the models we’ve talked about either cost a lot of money to buy or require part replacements.

Amateurs must choose a board that functions well on all surfaces, whether it be a street or a park. Given that you only have a vague concept of the skateboards you require, our staff has created a list of qualities everyone should consider before purchasing their first skateboard. 


The first feature you should seek in a skateboarding model if you have never purchased one before is superior construction. Maple is the best material to use when building the deck. The maple construction is made up of layers; the tougher the skateboard, the more layers there are. As a result, be sure to get a model with a 7- or 9-ply maple structure.


It is the second main thing that we have to keep in our mind before going for a complete skateboard. The speed restrictions of your skateboard will be determined by its wheels, just like those of all other vehicles.

These are offered by several manufacturers in sets of four. Additionally, the range of colors, sizes, and strengths is extensive. Your particular preferences will determine which skateboard wheels are ideal.

Good starting skateboards should typically have a medium-sized skate wheel that measures 52 to 54 mm. It would have a medium durometer of 90 to 99. One advantage of this site is how simple it is to attach them to skateboard trucks. 

The Deck’s design

Although the design of a skateboard’s deck is a very crucial consideration, it is not thought to be a very important aspect. Some forms are more suitable for new skaters, while others are better suited for experienced skaters. Make sure to choose a skateboard with either a pintail form or the traditional concave shape.

Bolt & Bearings

A thorough selection is required for each skateboard component. You will find it challenging to grab a hold of the board as a novice. You certainly don’t need to carry around extra parts that aren’t compatible.

Because of this, we advise you to choose the smallest components—such as nuts and bearings—very carefully. The bearings will turn the wheels, and the bolts will repair the vehicle.

Invest in A Good Skateboard

Skateboarding is dangerous by nature. Remember to spend money on a good skateboarding-specific helmet, and knee, elbow, and wrist protectors even if some injuries are inevitable. Skate without them at your own risk.


Skateboarding is a different sport that is usually considered difficult to learn. Although the fundamental skills take some time, after you master balance, you can move on to learning other tricks. Of course, the type of board you are utilizing has a significant impact.

Each skateboard in this review has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Your average skateboard can end up being the greatest one for beginners. This implies that each person may choose something different.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a good price for a complete skateboard?

Calculating the cost is the first thing you think of when you’re looking for a new skateboard. You might be unclear about the right moment to make a custom skateboard or whether to get a complete one from your neighborhood shop depending on your skill level and budget.
When making a custom skateboard, you get to benefit from higher-quality parts but must cope with greater prices compared to a fully assembled skateboard.

What is a complete skateboard?

A skateboard that has been completely put together, including all necessary parts and components, and is ready to be used. It has two trucks attached to it, a deck with grip tape, and two sets of four mounted and prepared-to-roll wheels.

Should my first skateboard be complete?

We advise newbies to always go with a full setup. They will be able to begin learning how to skateboard as a result, free from the hassle of worrying about things like trucks, wheels, bearings, etc. You may quickly start customizing your board as you gain experience and improve it.

What boards do pro skaters use?

Professional skaters typically use decks that measure 7.25 to 7.5 inches in length. Freestyle skaters who want to maintain their agility on the board while still having enough room to maneuver and execute tricks properly will do well in this size range.

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