5 Best Cheap Electric Skateboards | Exclusive Buyer’s Guide 2023

Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

When the skateboard first arrived in the 1970s, they were mainly made of wooden boxes and were not famous. But with time, their popularity increased so much that the market took these sports seriously and started making skateboards with advanced technologies.

From a wooden box, the skateboard changes into an electric skateboard within a few decades. Electric skateboards are the most advanced form of a skateboard. You can start your skateboard, accelerate, decelerate, and ensure braking with a single button push.

The speed and range of electric skateboards are better than non-electric skateboards. They are made of unique materials that make them durable. These materials fit into the skateboard’s overall body, especially the wheel, ensuring comfort and smooth rides.

There is one drawback of electric skateboards, and that is their affordability. Not everyone can afford these skateboards. We have a solution to this problem. This article will suggest the cheapest electric skateboard everyone can afford.

Best Cheap Electric Skateboards Comparison Table

1Meepo Shuffle V4 Meepo Shuffle V4
2meepo mini 2Meepo Mini 2
3Retrospec QuipRetrospec Quip
4Backfire G2Backfire G2
5Hiboy S11 Hiboy S11

1. MEEPO Shuffle V4 – Best Powered Cheap Electric Skateboard

MEEPO Shuffle V4 - Best Powered Cheap Electric Skateboard

MEEPO V4 Electric Skateboards is one of the best-powered cheap electric skateboards.

High Powered Motor

The motor hub of these skateboards is compelling and intense. They come with various settings, and you can adjust them according to your wish and desire.

The adjustment of setting depends upon whether you are riding on grass, lands, or hills; adjust the motor according to that. The motor hub will work accordingly.


The range of these skateboards is moderate. Neither too long nor too short. These can travel up to 11 miles on a single battery.

Due to its smaller size, the battery is also smaller, but it works well enough. The speed is a bit higher compared to the range. They can go up to a maximum of 25 miles per hour.

External Built

There are nine layers on these boards. Eight of them are made of unique Canadian maple, and one is made of fiberglass. These layers collectively make the skateboard durable and practical.

The deck of these skateboards is made of a concave shape which helps turn the board quickly, making it very flexible. The warranty of these skateboards starts the day you buy the skateboard.

These come with six months warranty, and within these six months, you can get back to the company for the Rs (repair, refund, and replacement.)


  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Very easy to ride
  • Good speed


  • Battery time short
  • Lower range

2. Meepo Mini 2 – Best Top Rated Cheap Electric Skateboard

Meepo Mini 2 - Best Top Rated Cheap Electric Skateboard

The MEEPO Mini 2 names suggest they are a bit lower in price, but their quality is better than many. These skateboards are authorized for every age because they are tested for everything and are ensured to protect people of every age.

Compact Size

The smaller size makes it easy to carry it wherever you want. If you are an office man or a schoolboy, you can carry it to both office and school because of its smaller and comfortable size.


Some skateboards need accessories but do not come ready-made with them. But Meepo mini 2 are unlike them. They come with additional primary accessories like cable, wireless remote, USB cable, Charger, and other additional skateboard accessories.

Unique Design

They are effortless to ride due to their unique design. The kicktail makes it easy for you to turn your board to either side of the road, making it very easy to ride. Similarly, the smaller and lighter weight make it comfortable to ride.


Like the rest of the skateboards, they come with 6 months of warranty. The range of these skateboards is a bit lower, 17.5 kilometers on a single recharged battery that why it is called mini. The price is very moderate, ranging from 680$ to 700$.


  • Easy to ride
  • For every age person
  • Durable
  • Low costs


  • Less speed and range
  • Remote control sometimes does not work

3. Retrospec Quip – Best Cheap Electric Skateboard For Smooth Rides

Retrospec Quip - Best Cheap Electric Skateboard For Smooth Rides

The new Quip Cruiser skateboards come with 5 trucks. These 5 trucks help control and balance the skateboards when turning to either side.

You can better maneuver through this because the trucks are just made for that. These trucks also help the skateboards to be more durable.


The Quip Cruiser skateboards are made of flexible plastic that can mold everywhere when you move or turn to a side. The wheel is also made of unique materials that absorb the roads’ bumps and cracks to ensure a smooth ride.

These are the best smooth riders you can ever have due to their design. The wheels are made of polyurethane materials that make them more durable and flexible.


The bearing of these wheels helps the skateboard to ride quickly. You would not find any quicker and faster skateboard than Quip Cruiser skateboards.

Lightweight Structure

The weight of these skateboards is much lighter; you can put them anywhere you like. The weight is just 5 pounds, and you can carry it wherever you go and put it wherever you want. You can put it in your backpack, trunk, locker, or closer.


  • Lighter weight
  • Smooth ride
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Durable


  • The bearings are concise 
  • We need to change parts very often

4. Backfire G2 – Best Overall Cheap Electric Skateboard

Backfire G2 - Best Overall Cheap Electric Skateboard

The Backfire G2 is the cheapest skateboard controlled by an Electronic speed controller that controls everything related to speed and barking.

Electronic Speed Controller

Through this ESC, the rider can automatically control the acceleration, deceleration, and braking. ESC ensures the rider’s safety, and even in extreme conditions, the brake and speed are controlled to ensure safety.


Compared to other cheap electronic skateboards, these have a faster speed and a higher range of travel. The average speed of a cheap electronic skateboard is roughly 14 15 miles.

But the speed of a Blackfire G2 is 18 to 20 miles per hour, while the range is also a bit higher, 12 to 14 miles on a single battery. They have the most comfortable ride you can ever have.

Wheel Support

The long wheelbase, the wide track, and the 100 mm wheels ensure a safe and comfortable ride through rocky and harsh conditions. The wheels would not get scratched on these roads because they are made of unique material that helps them to be the way they are.

The price of these skateboards is significantly lower than the design, durability, warranty, features, and performance they give.

They are the cheapest electronic skateboards you can ever have. The cost is less than 500$ per set alongside the necessary accessories.


  • Smooth ride
  • Durable
  • Cheapest
  • Electronic controller use


  • Acceleration and braking do not work correctly with a lower battery
  • Random shut down
  • Connectivity problems

5. Hiboy S11 – Best Portable Electric Skateboard In Budget

Hiboy S11 - Best Portable Electric Skateboard In Budget

A new lithium battery version is fitted into the Hiboy S11 Electric skateboards. They are more quickly rechargeable, and you can travel up to many miles on a single recharge battery.

The range a person can go depends on the rider’s weight; the more weighted the person is, the less he will travel.

Compact Size

These skateboards’ smaller and lighter weights make them the most portable and easy-to-adjust skateboards. The weight of these skateboards is 8 lbs.

The size is minimal, thus making it easier to move them from one place to another. These things make Hiboy S11 the cheapest portable skateboard.


They are constructed in a way that makes them the most durable ones. These 7 layers of skateboards are made of unique Canadian A-grade maple. The surface is designed so the rider does not slip over and causes frosting.

The trucks of these skateboards are very stable while accelerating or braking. Due to such construction, the Hiboy S11 is the most durable, cheapest, and most portable skateboard.

Wireless Remote

The speed and brake are controlled through a wireless remote. There are four modes and four brakes in this digital screen remote.

Each mode depends on the speed and acceleration of your skateboard. You can select the mode depending on the situation you are in.

And all these things cost less than 300$. Is it not so cheap?


  • Easy to use
  • 4 brake and 4-speed modes
  • Constructed to increase the durability
  • More turn
  • Cheapest
  • Portable


  • Less battery life
  • Smaller surface area for standing
  • More suitable for younger than adults

Factors to Consider when buying a cheap electric skateboard | Buying Guide 2023

Before buying a skateboard, you should look into some important things because not every skateboard is worth buying. Some are more expensive than they offer, some are not durable, and some do not perform as they should.

Following are some of the things that a buyer should look into before buying anything.


It is the essential thing in a skateboard before buying it. You should look at the materials from which they are made off. Some skateboards are made of simple material that does not last long.

The best skateboards are made of imported materials like polyurethane etc. which make these skateboards more resistant to scratches and other things. So make sure that your skateboard is made of durable materials.


If you want to buy the cheapest skateboard with excellent and reasonable features, then the above five skateboards are there for you. These are the cheapest skateboards with the best features and performance.

Some skateboards are too expensive, but their offerings are not worth the price. So before buying a skateboard, look at its price and features. If they both match each other, buy it.

Easy to use

This should be the priority of every person in everything. The easier a thing to use, the better. The wireless remote control makes most of these skateboards very easy to use.

With this remote control, you can accelerate, decelerate and control braking. These things make it easy to ride on a skateboard, no matter your age. So before buying a skateboard, look at what they offer you for easiness.

Speed and range

The speed and range of the skateboard vary. Some have more speed and range, and some have lesser. It depends on the battery. If the battery gives you more charge, then the range would be better, and if it does work for a more extended period, then the range of the skateboard would be lower.

Some skateboards have 17, some 15, or 19 miles per hour, which can help you in commuting. You should buy the one which suits you. These are some of the things you should look for before buying a skateboard.


The market is full of electric skateboards, but finding the cheapest electric skateboard can be very difficult. It is because the features and the technology they provide cost a lot of money, and the market would not sell something cheaper than the original price. 

But still, some skateboards are cheaper and less costly. The low cost does not affect their performances and features. They provide a similar speed and range, same battery health, same durability, and same performance.

The remote control system is available in every skateboard mentioned above, and they are effortless and comfortable for you. Although they do not provide extra and additional features, they come with all the necessary functions and features that a skateboard should have for a comfortable ride.

So why not buy a cheaper skateboard when they have all the necessary equipment for riding instead of buying an expensive one? If you are looking for the cheapest electric skateboard, consider one of those mentioned above cheap electric skateboards.

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